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Ivan Scobrev


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Published in: Sports, News & Politics
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Ivan Scobrev

  1. 1. Ivan Scobrev Serova Alexandra and Teplyakova Olga Form 6A VML Vologda
  2. 2. Ivan Scobrev Ivan Scobrev was born on the 8th of February in Harovsk, Vologda region. He began skating when he was 12 years old. The first Scobrev’s trainer was his father – Alexander Scobrev.
  3. 3. Ivan studied at the Children's and Youth Sports School of Olympic Reserve in St.Persburg. Then he competed for SK «Severstal».
  4. 4. • Образец текста Второй уровень Третий уровень Четвертый уровень Пятый уровень Scobrev won his first medal in Olympic Games in 2010 in Canada. Russia hadn’t won medals for skating since
  5. 5. With the result 6:18.05 Ivan was the third. Li Seun-Hun had better result (6:16.95). The best result Sven Kramer had– 6:14.60 – it was the Olympic record.
  6. 6. Thanks for attention!