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Artem Silchenko is the pride of Voronezh


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Artem Silchenko is the pride of Voronezh

  1. 1. ARTEM SILCHENKO is the pride of VORONEZH High-diving Cliff-Diving jumping into water from the extreme heights fulfilled: Kolovertnova K.V. instructor of physical culture DOW CRR kindergarten № 164
  2. 2. Artem Silchenko was born in Voronezh, February 3, 1984. He started jumping into water at the age of 4 years by the initiative of his mother Nikitenko-Silchenko. Tatiana Vladimirovna was a master of sports of the USSR in gymnastics, honored trainer of the Russian Federation of sports acrobatics. His first coaches were Artem Starodubtsev T.A. and Starodubtsev G.I. (they coached famous Dmitry Sautin)
  3. 3. Artem Silchenko completed the master of sports in diving at the age of 13 years. He is participant and winner of many sports competitions. Silchenko is one of the top 12 jumpers in the world.
  4. 4. 15.09.2011 Voronezh athlete Artem Silchenko became the winner of the final phase of the World series on the cliff-diving and vice-champion of this prestigious tournament. This season, the resident of Voronezh, Artem Silchenko became four times the silver medalist of stages of the World series and Ukraine. He managed not only to win, but t set the record for the competition. Cliff diving is the acrobatic jumps into water from rocks and other high bases. This year it opened the final stage of the competition that was held in the Crimea in the area of the famous «Swallow's nest». The competition of the top 12 jumpers of the world were watched by almost 15 thousands of spectators.
  5. 5. Artem Silchenko visited our kindergarten
  6. 6. The children really enjoyed this meeting with the world-famous athlete.
  7. 7. • • • interview: