Eleonora Volokontseva. The person who inspired me to do sports


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Eleonora Volokontseva. The person who inspired me to do sports

  1. 1. Students:Ivan Nalbat; Kriazheva-Chernaya Polina. 10P, Liceum №533SaintPetersburg, Russia.
  2. 2. Hello! My name is Ivan. I’m from Saint-Petersburg. When I was 7 years old my parents decided that I should do some sports. They chose Wushu and my workouts started. It was quite difficult for me at first. Exercises seemed to be completely impracticable and there was no possibility to overcome tiredness after workouts. In spite of being a little bit confused I’ve always tried to do my best and all has changed after my first Open Wushu Cup competitions.
  3. 3. There I saw the president and main judge of St-Petersburg Sporting Wushu Federation Eleonora Volokontseva for the first time. It was a woman of 50 years with short brown hair. She was explaining children who were standing near her how to deal with their fair, reminding the main points of their performances. Her eyes were strict and soft at the same time. I learned a lot from this speech. To my surprise, all children who were given her instructions performed great. Then I was being told about her biography and achievements.
  4. 4. Eleonora’s biography. When Eleonora was a child she was doing gymnastics and dancing ballet. After that she worked as a coach of bodybuilding and rhythmic and opened her own club called ‘Eleonora’ for women who want to be physically fit. At the same time she took up yoga and karate. At the first international tournament her technique was recognized as the best in the world and the World Karate Federation awarded her a black belt. She was also invited in Harbin school to study Wushu with famous coach Zhang Zhi Bin. After many years of coaching when St.-Petersburg Sporting Wushu Federation was founded in 2001 Eleonora became its president and main judge.
  5. 5. Eleonora has received many certificates and acknowledgements. .
  6. 6. Now I tell everybody with proud that Eleonora has inspired me to do sports and changed my opinion about Wushu. When I look at her I understand that Wushu is a part of my life and I just must be so sporty, kind and purposeful as she is.
  7. 7. Wushu is not only a sport, it is an activity which makes you feel strong and disciplined, combine gentleness and power. I advise everybody to try it.