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An interview with Victor Osipenko “Is sambo hard work or enjoyment?”


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An interview with Victor Osipenko “Is sambo hard work or enjoyment?”

  1. 1. School № 41 Bryansk An interview with “Is sambo hard work or enjoyment?” The interview was taken by Helen Borovikh, Anastasiya Polekhina, Anastasiya Umerenkova, Anna Umerenkova
  2. 2. -asked we Victor Osipenko, the former student of our school. “ Of course, it’s work: intensive and permanent. You should train all the groups of your muscles. You should practise throwing techniques. And even how to fall avoiding injuries.” We see he’s mastered throwing techniques perfectly!
  3. 3. “ But the most important thing you should train is your character, ability to pluck up your courage and spirit. You should overcome tiredness and pain and think only about the tactics of the fight, especially during the real competitions.”
  4. 4. - “If sambo is so difficult and takes almost all your time, why do you do it?” “Sport, and sambo in particular, helps to build one’s character, to work persistently trying to achieve the aims in life. It makes people optimistic even when they fail in something. Moreover, it teaches us to be honest, play fair game and be friendly with all our opponents.”
  5. 5. “Besides, it’s a real pleasure to see the results of your work, to experience the moment when you are standing on the highest step of the pedestal.” On the highest step of the pedestal His famous throw above his back
  6. 6. We are proud of your achievements! We know that you’ve been the winner in your own town for the last 7 years. You were the champion of Russia in 2007-2011 years, won the championship of Europe in 2009. Four times, in 2008, 2009, 2010 and 2011, you won the World Championship in sambo.
  7. 7. We are sure that hard work and devotion to your favourite kind of sport will bring you more happy moments of fame, will be a good example for us, boys and girls of school № 41. With his first teacher, Tatiana Evgenievna Aksenova