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  1. 1. 2010-2011 Budget For the students!
  2. 2. <ul><li>To ensure a quality education all members of the educational system needs to be included in the budget process. </li></ul><ul><li>Hampton involves all realms of the professional community in the budget process. </li></ul>
  3. 3. Proposed Budget for the 2010-2011 School Year 41,789,645.12 Poff Elementary School Budget 63,249.00 All funds were given to Poff Elementary School for the 2010-2011 School Year
  4. 4. Student Enrollment 340 Classrooms 15 Special Areas Include: Art, Music and P.E. Library/Media Services are provided to all students. ½ day Gifted Teacher ½ day Math Support RTII Teacher Academic Support Teacher Reading Support Teacher We use the phrase, &quot;Team Poff,&quot; because our students, parents and staff work together to help the entire school community reach its maximum potential .
  5. 5. 400 Purchased Property Service Rational: There are four copiers in the school for teacher use. The copiers work as printers as well as copiers. Repairs and Maintenance 560.00-laminator Repairs- Computers 750.00- computers Maintenance Repair 10,400-Copier Total: 11,710
  6. 6. 500 Other Purchased Services Rational: In order to run a school the Aseop services need to be provided to the staff. Also, travel for the principal to attend local and state level conferences to bring back materials to the school. Contracted Carriers 800 Buses Communications 50 Postage Travel 1,000 Conferences Services Purchased Locally 840 Piano Tuning Services Purchased LEA State 520 Aseop Total: 3,590
  7. 7. 500 Principal Office Total: 3,200 Rational: Travel to and from conferences and meetings within the district. Principal Office Communications 800 Transportation 800 Purchase Local 1,600
  8. 8. 700 Property Rational: All subject area classrooms have a smartboard- the extra smartboard is for the Reading Support teacher who needs a smartboard to work with her students. Audiovisual Equipment 3,000 Av Equipment 2 projectors, 1 smartboard Total: 3,000
  9. 9. 600 Supplies Rational: Under supplies any all software needs to be listed and every year an update price is needed to be funded. Also, books for classroom use are listed. Total: 40,517 General Supplies 13,787 office depot 200 per teacher is included Supplies Art Dept 4,282 Books and Periodicals 17,573 Class and Library Education Software 1,500 Supplies Av 1,400 Education Software&licensing 1,675 Principal Office Periodicals 100 Principal Office General Supplies 200
  10. 10. 800 Other Objects Principal Office Rational: The office staff needs supplies and materials to keep the office running. With this a new scanner it placed in this budget. Included in 400 and 600 sections! Objects 675.00 Dues and Fees Principal Functions 2,695.00 Office Functions Total: 3,370
  11. 11. 2440 Nursing Services 600-400 Rational: A school nurse is needed in the building and it mandated. Included in 600 and 400 budget! Nursing Insurance 100 Travel 100 Supplies 781 Software Supplies/books 1339
  12. 12. Library Media/600-400 Rational: The library is the HUB of the school. All media is provided. In order to run a library you need to have adequate books, materials and supplies. Also, new technologies need to be included. Technical 3,204 Destiny Service, AR tests, Worldbook On-line, Access Membership and Video Conferences Library Travel 100 Conferences General Library Supplies 850.00 Library Books 7,005 Software and new computer equipment 3,000
  13. 13. General Funds Hampton Alliance PSSA Grant Local Funds Community Projects Extra Monies from Grants As of right now no monies have been awarded. However, several teachers have written grants.