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Paid Search and SEO for Startups


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2013 primer on pay per click and search engine marketing for startups

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Paid Search and SEO for Startups

  1. 1. Making Paid Search Marketing andSEO Work for StartupsJanuary 29, 2013 Corey Quinn @coreyquinn
  2. 2. About Me• Born and raised in Los Angeles• VP of Business Development at The Search Agency• MBA from USC• Also have a deep passion for startups
  3. 3. Story• Frustrated with the „finding a therapist‟ process• Has to be a better way…
  4. 4. Metcalfes Law Therapists Therapy Clients Marketing Focus Offline Online
  5. 5. My Fantasy:
  6. 6. My Fantasy:
  7. 7. What Actually Happened: Meh… [Spike of not very qualified traffic] [then nothing]
  8. 8. Enter Paid Search• Brought a paid search (ppc) consultant onto the team• Developed highly targeted set of keywords• Launched focused campaigns on a tight budget• Immediately drove traffic• Feedback on our product, pricing and messaging• Within six months, was able to hit our target cost per acquisition.• Invested in high quality SEO content
  9. 9. Over Time, Reduced Dependence onPaid Traffic by 77.6% Traffic Type Organic 46.20% December 2010 Paid 19.04% Other 34.75% Traffic Type Organic 76.08% December 2012 Paid 4.27% Other 19.65%
  10. 10. While increasing traffic by 15 times
  11. 11. A Purple Cow Is Not Enough “A lot of times, people don‟t know what they want until you show it to them” - Steve Jobs(particularly when redefining or creating product categories)
  12. 12. Earned Media Alone Is Not Enough
  13. 13. Viral Media Alone Is Not Enough
  14. 14. Paid Search Alone Is Not Enough… But It Can Help
  15. 15. How Paid Media Helps:• Immediately drive traffic• Near instant feedback on your product, site experience, & pricing• Keywords target your audience based on intent• Brand visibility• Easy to test multiple variables • Keywords, Ad copy, Landing pages• Lower funnel traffic = higher propensity to buy Yay! Money!
  16. 16. Traditional Mental Model for Marketing Stimulus Purchase Experience (1st moment of truth) (2nd moment of truth)Source: ZMOT, Google 2011
  17. 17. New Four Moments Mental Model Stimulus Zero Moment Purchase Experience Of Truth (1st moment of truth) (2nd moment of truth) Search Social Content/ReviewsSource: ZMOT, Google 2011
  18. 18. Consumer Decision Journey CREATE GROWTH CONVERT NURTURE Relationships & to new audiences your audience Relationships Remarketing Consideration Evaluation Buy Advocate • SEM • Landing page • TV • SEO optimization • Radio • Display • Shopping cart • Social Media • Print • Email optimization • Email • Display • Social Media • Click to call • Social Media • Mobile • MobileSource: The Search Agency, Inc.
  19. 19. Why Should I Care About Search? There are over 17.5 billion searches conducted each monthSource:
  20. 20. Search Is A “Lean Forward” Activity
  21. 21. We Are Hunting
  22. 22. Search Share Google Bing Yahoo Others 7 out of 10 searches are on Google
  23. 23. Anatomy of a Search Page Paid 30% Organic 70%
  24. 24. Consumers Value Search • 91% of consumers say they found what they were looking for • 86% learned something new or important • 73% believed information was accurate and trustworthy • 66% said that search engines are fair and unbiased • 50% found info they didn‟t think they couldSource:
  25. 25. Search Engine Position Matters 75% Of searchers never scroll past the first page of search results.Source:
  27. 27. While it‟s tempting to jump in with both feet and runpay per click on your ownHire Someone Who Knows Search ToManage It For You. Otherwise…
  29. 29. Keywords and The Conversion Funnel30,400,000 Flowers165,000 Mother‟s Day Flowers250 Mother‟s Day Red Roses50 Mother‟s Day Red Roses Same Day Delivery
  30. 30. Use keywords that are very specific, even if there is low search volume “Fitness” “Wearable Activity Tracker Under $200” Specific keywords ensure targeted, high intent traffic
  31. 31. Start with small number of keywords Test, iterat e, test Then, test some moreSource:
  32. 32. Group keywords into small, narrowly themed ad groups Account Campaign Campaign Ad Group Ad Group Ad Group Ads Ads Ads Keywords Keywords Keywords Bids Bids BidsSource: The Search Agency, Inc.
  33. 33. Campaign Structure Campaign Campaign Campaign Small Business Loans Business Types Loan types Ad Group Ad Group Ad Group Small Business Loans Start Up Unsecured Loan Keywords Keywords Keywords • small business loans • business start up • unsecured personal • apply for small financing loan business loan • loan for start up • unsecured loan business companies Ad Copy Ad Copy Ad CopySource: The Search Agency, Inc.
  35. 35. Test Targeted Phrases• “Buy ___”• “Start Download”• “Click Here”• “Shop Now”• “Get Started”• “Free Delivery”• “Buy 2, Get 1 Free” What are my products most important features and benefits? What is my competitive advantage?
  36. 36. Line up your paid search ad next yourcompetitors‟ ads My Ad • Which one would you choose? Competitor Ad #1 • Ask your friends & colleagues to choose their favorite. Did they choose yours? Competitor Ad #2 Competitor Ad #3
  38. 38. Design Landing Pages to Convert
  39. 39. Align Visitor Intent with Page PurposeSource:
  40. 40. Promise Made Promise Delivered
  41. 41. Promise Made:(I am probably not going to even click this ad because it doesn‟t meet my intent)
  42. 42. Promise Delivered???I am looking for Men‟s Yoga Pants!! Not a personal stylist. I‟m outta here!
  43. 43. Promise Made:Am I going to get black dress shoes? I am not sure. (I am probably not going to click on this one)
  44. 44. Promise Delivered???Now I need to navigate to dress shoeseven though I‟ve already provided my intent. UGGGGG!
  45. 45. Promise Made:
  46. 46. Promise Delivered??? Pretty Good!!
  47. 47. Test Test Test Control (A) Test (B) 1650% LiftSource: The Search Agency, Inc.
  49. 49. Mobile Has Arrived Source: Marin Software • Mobile searches are expected to account for 25% of all Google searches by the end of 2012.Source: marin software
  50. 50. Lower Cost Per Clicks (“CPC”) and Higher Click Through Rate (“CTR”) on MobileSource:
  51. 51. Mobile-unique ad features: Ad Extensions
  52. 52. Google Display Network • Place your ads on websites that are relevant to what you‟re selling. • Show those ads to the people that are likely to be most interested. • Manage and track your budget, campaigns and results through Google Adwords interfaceSource:
  54. 54. Conversion Funnel Choose ALanding Page Payment Thank You Plan
  55. 55. Measuring Performance of Your PaidSearch Campaigns Place Google‟s Conversion Pixel on your “Thank You Page”
  56. 56. The Two Metrics That Matter• Cost Per Acquisition (“CPA”) • What does it cost to acquire a customer? Click costs / number of new customers from pay per click clicks • What is my conversion rate? PPC clicks / number of new customers • How does my CPA relate to the (expected) revenue / life time value per customer? Is there Return On Investment (“ROI”)?• Conversion Volume • How many customers did I acquire and at what price? • Is there potential for scale?
  57. 57. Use Website Analytics to ID Areas forOptimization 1% 18% 0%
  58. 58. Use Website Analytics to ID Areas forOptimization Focus Here 1% 18% 0%
  59. 59. Don‟t Forget…• Remarketing • Marketing to site visitors who haven‟t converted• Retention • Keeping your customers coming back• Referrals • Incentivizing your customers to promote your brand
  61. 61. Old SEO #1? No problem!!
  62. 62. Google Florida Universal MayDay PandaLaunch Update Search Update Update 1997 2003 2007 2009 2011 Google NoFollow & Vince / Brand Social Penguin Adwords Personalized Update Signals Update 2000 2005 2009 Update 2012 2010
  63. 63. Google Effect on Old SEO
  64. 64. “a holistic approach to SEO”Source: The Search Agency
  65. 65. “Demonstrate topic expertise” • Onsite demonstration of vertical and industry knowledge • Create content that connects • Understanding of user intent Rand Fishkin INTENT to CONTENTSource: The Search Agency
  66. 66. • Invested in creating a library of “therapy 101” content • Clear demonstration of topic expertise • Users and Google now reference our site on this and related topics
  67. 67. “Socially Confirmed Topic Expert” • Off-site topic authority • Who else thinks your content is „cool‟? • Social Sharing • Content Marketing • Social Indicators • Linking THINK BEYOND the LINKSource: The Search Agency
  69. 69. Constraining YourSpendGeo targeted campaignsLimit your budget with daily capsTest Google Display network following Google SearchExpand spend where you see positive results
  70. 70. Summary• Invest in paid search to drive targeted, lean forward traffic• Start small and grow with successes• “Fail fast” & test everything• Take advantage of the mobile cost per click arbitrage• Remember SEO
  71. 71. Corey Quinn@coreyquinn