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Why Blog on LinkedIn


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Learn 4 ways publishing blog posts on LinkedIn helps you grow your business and build your personal brand. Plus why LinkedIn is the very easiest place to start blogging, and how ProResource makes it even easier.

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Why Blog on LinkedIn

  1. 1. Why Blog on LinkedIn? Judy Schramm, CEO
  2. 2. Get More Exposure for Your Business & Build Your Personal Brand
  3. 3. Your Blog Posts Are Sent To All Your Connections Easy way to stay in touch with your network!
  4. 4. Blog Posts Stay on Your Profile This only works if you use LinkedIn’s blog publishing feature. If you share a link to a blog post published somewhere else, it drops off.
  5. 5. Every Blog Post is Searchable by Google, Bing, Yahoo Improve your search results, help more people find out about your business.
  6. 6. You Get Data About Viewers
  7. 7. LinkedIn is the Easiest Way to Start Blogging
  8. 8. Your LinkedIn Blog Is Ready to Use (and it’s FREE) No need to set up a separate blog site.
  9. 9. No Need to Get Subscribers Readership is typically higher than your own subscriber list.
  10. 10. No Commitment Publish whenever you want, there’s no obligation to stick to a schedule.
  11. 11. Need Ideas for Blog Posts? We Have Ideas for You!
  12. 12. Personal Branding & Thought Leadership for Executives Judy Schramm, CEO