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ProResource StayInTouch


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Have your assistant stay in touch with prospects, clients and partners using our unique system.

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ProResource StayInTouch

  1. 1. When you are successful,you need to stay in touchwith a lot of people – prospects, clients, partners…
  2. 2. What if yourvirtual assistantcould stay in touchwith them for you?
  3. 3. What if… shecould bring up acontact record,click on a button,and…
  4. 4. Get a set ofblog posts,relevantfor thatperson…
  5. 5. Click again, and a blog post pops into an email, ready to send.You could stay in touch – andimpress people – effortlessly.
  6. 6. Yourvirtual assistantcould also do otherprojects to promoteyour business.Introductions Social media Email newsletter
  7. 7. We teach virtual assistants to help youpromote your business:• Introduce your business to new people• Give you an active presence in social media• Stay in touch with people, and do small favors for them Our StayInTouch system makes it easy!
  8. 8. Cost for the training? How much Just $17 does it cost?Cost for the virtual assistant?Hourly rates run $10-40/hourYou choose how many hours - 1 hour a day is ideal 1 hour a week is OK
  9. 9. Learn more… Judy Schramm, CEOTwitter @proresourceEmail
  10. 10. People matter…Stay in touch with them