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Established 1999

Tricks of the Trade
                                              At ProRehab, we use the highest
7300 E. Indiana St., Suite 102                                                                         Lisa Kiesel, DPT
Paul Gorman, PTA, ATC, CSCS                                                               Thomas K.                Bob T.
5625 Pearl Drive, Suite 100                                                                                          1101 ...
Joey P.                            Courtney H.        Kathy C.                                                            ...
ProRehab Staff                                                                           < Aces Soccer Classic
Vincennes: 2121 Willow St.
ProRehab has five CHTs on staff. Hand therapy is the discipline that addresses injuries and
Brittany B.    Steve B.     Janelle B.    Brandon B.    Lindsey B.          Lori C.                 Kyle C.             St...
ProRehab and Tri-State Orthopaedics:
The Leading Team in Orthopaedic Care!
Tri-State Orthopaedics provides state-of-the-ar...
ProRehab and Tri-State Orthopaedics:
 The Leading Team in Orthopaedic Care!
 ProRehab @ Work is a multifaceted program for...
             Kristin D.
                          Henderson, KY:
Ashley R.
              Kim C.                              Business                                                      ...
Community Focus
ProRehab likes to give back to the
community that made us. We are
proud to sponsor various community
Consulting/Research                               Teams we have
List of Services
ProRehab is the preeminent provider of outpatient physical and occupational therapy
The Best First Choice

      7300 E. Indiana St., Suite 102 • Evansville, IN
      Toll Free: (866) 885-9691 • (812) 476-0...
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ProRehab Culture Book


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ProRehab Culture Book

  1. 1. Culture Book Become a part of our culture
  2. 2. Welcome to our Culture Book! Discover what our company is all about through the words of our employees. At ProRehab, we believe that if we consistently provide the best possible care, then Pat W. Jody K. Bob T. Andrea B. our patients will achieve their goals. To succeed at providing the best care as a company, we need to maintain a culture where employees’ main focus is providing a superior experience for each patient from the moment they come through our doors to the day they return to an optimal physical condition. The purpose of our Culture Book is to lend an inside look into what ProRehab’s culture is based on. So to all our patients, prospective patients, future hires, and business partners, read on to discover what ProRehab culture is – straight from our staff. Core Values • Unprecedented Clinical Excellence: Excellence defined by outcomes, Dan B. Larry B. Kelli G. Brian K. use of current best evidence, accountability, and on-going education. • Unequaled Family: We treat each other and our patients with compassion, tolerance, and support. • Unyielding Service: Unyielding servant’s attitude of selflessness and humility toward those lives we touch. • Unending Passion: Unending passionate pursuit of our mission. • Unwavering Commitment: Unwavering commitment to honesty, integrity, and ethics in all that we do. ProRehab partners pictured at left. Kyle K. Sharon L. Bethany R. Tim W.
  3. 3. Established 1999 AmaZing! Principles The 10 AmaZing! customer service principles are our core beliefs about customer service. Not only do we believe in the principles, we live them. Our culture is guided by these 10 principles, and they promote an environment where patients and employees enjoy the therapy experience. The standards are set high. If you live by these standards, they yield AmaZing! experiences every day! ProRehab’s first employees upon opening! 1. AmaZing! Rules without rules 2. AmaZing! Mindset: It’s all about your beliefs 3. AAAmaZing! First 30 seconds: Affirmation, Attention, Appreciation 4. AmaZingly friendly is the difference maker Amy Tenhumberg, PHR Director of Human Resources 5. AmaZing! Atmosphere: “where everybody knows your name” Working for ProRehab has given me the opportunity to grow both professionally and personally. Eleven years 6. AmaZing! Skillset: Listen, Learn, Act ago, when ProRehab first opened, seems like a lifetime ago. Six people have grown to 130-plus employees; 7. AmaZing! Recovery takes C.L.A.S.S. (Compassion. Listen. Apologize. Satisfy Needs. Start Over.) one clinic has developed eight more clinics, added the state of Kentucky, and added the Home Health Division. What’s next? There’s always something new around the corner, and that’s what keeps things 8. AmaZing! And then some exciting and never dull! The teamwork at ProRehab is indescribable! Employees of ProRehab are committed 9. AmaZing! Attitude every day and always give 110 percent to each other and to the patients. The ProRehab Culture goes something like this: It’s “we,” not “I”; it’s “ours,” not “mine.” ProRehab is the best! 10. AmaZing! Results are worth fighting for
  4. 4. Tricks of the Trade At ProRehab, we use the highest quality therapy equipment to help speed recovery and enhance therapeutic results along with a combination of techniques to relieve pain and increase coordination, strength, endurance, and range of motion. ProRehab’s Vision and Mission ProRehab’s future is assured when we reach for the following: • We reach objective goals — with the heaviest priority on the ultimate outcome Y-Balance Test as measured by patient loyalty. • We treat every patient, teammate, and stakeholder as a family member. Ultrasound Imaging Machine • We are the best first choice for physical and occupational therapy due to our unparalleled service commitment within the clinic and community and clinical excellence. • We value evidence-based practice in medicine and business. • We make doing business with us easy, fun, and memorable. The focus of what we do: ProRehab exists to provide professional rehabilitation that results in the ultimate outcome — a healthier, highly engaged, and loyal patient. Kettlebells
  5. 5. 7300 E. Indiana St., Suite 102 Lisa Kiesel, DPT At ProRehab we offer Lymphedema and Pelvic Floor Rehab Programs as well as our on-site We have many experienced therapists with a variety of expertise and interests who are all willing to Pedorthics Laboratory where we manufacture custom foot orthotics. Our goal at ProRehab share their knowledge with other clinicians to treat our patients with the best evidence-based treatment is to educate and teach patients the skills to manage their condition and to improve their approach! quality of life. ProRehab also has physical therapy programs specifically for the treatment of pain and dysfunctions affecting women. Helping women regain control over their bodies is the number one priority of care. Jill Hickey, DPT, SCS Our patients are our priority, and we do what is in their best interest using evidence-based practice and doing everything to meet our patients’ needs and expectations. Anne Basden, DPT, CSCS, MLD/CDP It is addictive and contagious working with people of character — people who treat others Kasey Wahl, ATC as they would want to be treated. ProRehab provides the best physical care, but combines it with unbeatable patient-therapist interaction. Kayla G. Kasey W. Jamie B. Anne B. Jason H. Lisa K. Jill H. Kelli G.
  6. 6. Paul Gorman, PTA, ATC, CSCS Thomas K. Bob T. The personalities in our clinic set up an easygoing, friendly atmosphere Bethany H. that allows us to get to know each other and our patients. Phil Plisky, PT, DSC, OCS, ATC, CSCS At ProRehab, we have a culture of learning and collaboration. Every clinician, whether practicing for two months or 25 years, is actively engaged in professional development. Thomas Knox, DPT, CSCS, RKC With new patients, I get to know who they are and what they do for a little bit before beginning to dive into the PT aspect of things to let them know that they matter as a person, not just as an injury. Jamie T. Linda M. 4421 N. First Ave. ProRehab is home to the only Functional Movement Screen (FMS) in the Tri-State area. FMS is a ranking and grading system that documents movement patterns that are key to normal function. By screening these patterns, the FMS readily identifies functional limitations and asymmetries. These are issues that can reduce the effects of functional training and physical conditioning and distort body awareness. The FMS generates the Functional Movement Screen Score, which is used to target problems and track progress. This scoring system is directly linked to the most beneficial corrective exercises to restore mechanically sound movement patterns. At ProRehab we monitor the FMS score to track progress and to identify those exercises that will be most effective to restore proper movement and build strength in each individual.
  7. 7. 5625 Pearl Drive, Suite 100 1101 Professional Blvd., Suite 102 ProRehab specializes in low back pain (LBP) programs. LBP will affect between 60 and 80 percent of At ProRehab we specialize in Board Certification. Board Certification is the process by which the population. Because recurrence of acute episodes may lead to chronic disabling LBP, the therapists a physical therapist builds on a broad base of knowledge and skills related to a particular at ProRehab have devoted time and resources toward understanding the factors related to recurrence. area of practice. By maintaining their specialist certification, certified specialists indicate that At ProRehab we also utilize Rehabilitative Ultrasound Imaging (RUSI) to give instant visual feedback they are committed to clinical excellence and the development of knowledge and skills in to the patient and therapist. Research demonstrates that by using Rehabilitative Ultrasound Imaging their chosen specialty. as a form of visual biofeedback, we can facilitate our patients’ ability to learn to control the muscle activity of their stabilizing muscles, to improve proprioception, and to speed up the motor learning • Of the 57 Orthopaedic Clinical Specialists (OCS) in the state of Indiana, process involved in retraining pelvic floor, transverse abdominal, and multifidus muscles. seven of these specialists are ProRehab employees. Of the 12 Sports Clinical Specialists (SCS) in the state of Indiana, Debbie Hilgeman, Front Office • four are members of ProRehab’s staff. Patients receive the very best care and respect they deserve and as an employee, I feel very fortunate to be a part of this “Amazing!” team! Beth R. Tim W. Staci B. Kyle K. Melissa B.
  8. 8. Joey P. Courtney H. Kathy C. Lisa K. Newburgh: 8887 High Pointe Drive, Suite E Rockport: 2827 W. State Road 66, Suite B Joey Pettyjohn, DPT, OCS Kathy Coomes, MPT, CSCS I go to work every day with a good attitude, a smile on my face, The Rockport clinic is a great place to work as it allows me the opportunity and the mindset that today I am going to make someone feel better. to do what I feel is my calling. I get to help people. Courtney Howton, Front Office Lisa Kress, Front Office Seeing the smiles on patients’ faces when you greet them by name, developing I can truly say that I feel at home with ProRehab. friendships, and listening to their stories shows you truly care about them. Choose ProRehab – several locations to serve you where you live, work, or play • (866) 885-9691 •
  9. 9. ProRehab Staff < Aces Soccer Classic We’re still privately owned and operated with ProRehab Aces Soccer Classic – the majority of our staff being homegrown. September 10-12, 2010 > Above and Beyond Award Presented to ProRehab on behalf of the > ProRehab Tattoos men and women of the National Guard and Reserve Forces, for outstanding service and Fun temporary rub-on ProRehab tattoos. continuing support to the National Defense.
  10. 10. Vincennes: 2121 Willow St. ProRehab has five CHTs on staff. Hand therapy is the discipline that addresses injuries and conditions of the hand, wrist, elbow, and shoulder. Certified hand therapists (CHT) are either occupational or physical therapists who have a minimum of five years of clinical experience, including 4,000 hours or more in hand therapy practice. CHTs also must successfully pass a comprehensive test of advanced clinical skills and theory. The CHT credential offers assurance to the public that the therapist has achieved the highest level of competency in the profession and stays up to date with the latest evidence in hand therapy. ProRehab’s hand therapists are certified and work closely with physicians and patients to provide a continuum of care. Treatment often begins within days of the injury or surgery and continues until the patient has returned to work and/or a productive lifestyle. Kevin R. Kristy S. Lindsay S. Laura H. Mark Goodrich, PT, ATC I love coming to work because deep down, I know that I have been blessed to work in a caring profession that can make a true difference in the lives of the people we treat. Betty Butler, Front Office We provide sponsorship for events that help our community become a healthier and more active community. In Vincennes, ProRehab and Dr. Terry Fenwick of Mark G. Keith T. Quest Orthopedics are your experts in sports medicine. Betty B. Jill T. Bethany H.
  11. 11. Brittany B. Steve B. Janelle B. Brandon B. Lindsey B. Lori C. Kyle C. Stephenie D. Sherri F. Phyllis F. Sara G. Leah G. Samantha H. Kalissa J. Kerry J. Michelle J. Ben L. Jenna M. Jana P. Mindy R. ProRehab @ Home, serving Indiana and Kentucky: ProRehab @ Home provides a healing, relaxing environment while recovering from an illness, injury, or surgical procedure in the comfort of Craig R. Angie R. Kristin S. Mallory T. a patient’s home. Brandon Boots, DPT, ATC, CSCS, General Manager More people qualify for home health than I ever realized as an outpatient therapist. If someone is unable to consistently leave the home safely and independently, they may qualify for home health. Patients do not have to be bed bound to be homebound! The best news of all for patients is that home health therapy does not count against the outpatient cap and is paid 100 percent by Medicare. Marla S. Brandi W. Jeff W. Jennifer Z. Megan Z.
  12. 12. ProRehab and Tri-State Orthopaedics: The Leading Team in Orthopaedic Care! Tri-State Orthopaedics provides state-of-the-art comprehensive orthopaedic surgical and medical service in the areas of general orthopaedics and sports medicine, pediatric orthopaedics, hand and upper extremity, and spine care. This comprehensive care includes on-site, same day physical and occupational therapy. Tri-State Orthopaedics Surgeons › (Left to Right) Hand and Upper Extremity: Dr. Glenn Johnson II, Dr. John Morgan, Dr. Paul Perry; Spine Care: Dr. John Grimm, Dr. Brett Weinzapfel; Sports Medicine: Dr. Timothy Hamby, Dr. Andrew Saltzman; Foot & Ankle: Dr. Terence Alvey, Dr. Paul Daines, Dr. Steve Gabel Jim C. Drew B. Julie B. Missy G. Angie R. Brooke B. Jody K. Amber A. Jill C. Kristen M.
  13. 13. ProRehab and Tri-State Orthopaedics: The Leading Team in Orthopaedic Care! ProRehab @ Work is a multifaceted program for industry, both on- and offsite, geared toward helping to hire the right employees, training them to work safely and efficiently, keeping them on the job, and reducing recordable injuries. We utilize post-offer pre-placement evaluations, employee education (injury prevention, Tri-State Orthopaedics Surgeons › ergonomic training, best work practices, wellness, etc.), and early (Left to Right) General Orthopaedics intervention to prevent injuries and offer work conditioning, and Joint Replacement: Dr. Michael Boyd, ramp-up programs, and functional capacity evaluations for those Dr. John Deppe, Dr. James Heinrich, unavoidable injuries that occur. Dr. Jeana Lee, Dr. Jacob O’Neill, Dr. Ahmet Percinel, Dr. Phillip Stiver; Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation: Dr. William Ante, Dr. Michael McFadden, Dr. Ross Whitacre Dan B. Sean M. Del N. Elaine Z. Sarah L. Jana N. Brooke D. Joy F. Pat W. Brian K. Alan T. Natalie H. Erika D. Amanda C.
  14. 14. JW Durst, DPT, OCS, ATC, CSCS Kristin D. Henderson, KY: 702 Barret Blvd., Suite B We are making a positive difference in the lives of our patients. In our Kentucky clinics we offer free physical therapy screening. Your com- plimentary screening will give you the motivation you need to live a life that Selena P. includes better health and a better understanding of healthy fitness routines. Call now to set up your one-on-one appointment. Your FREE Screening Includes: • Consultation With One Of Our Physical Therapists JW D. • Medical & Treatment History • Strength, Flexibility, Neuromuscular Testing • Discussion Of Results • Follow Up On Findings To Your Physician Madisonville, KY: 1075 N. Main St. ProRehab is proud to announce its Bethany R. expansion into the Western Kentucky market with the opening of Kentucky Physical Therapy Specialists. KPTS specializes in Bethany Richerson, general orthopaedics with the mission of providing personal attention while engaging DPT, OCS in an evidence-based approach that Tanya W. ProRehab strives to be the very best rehabilitates patients in the quickest manner, at what we do. while providing long-term results.
  15. 15. Ashley R. Kim C. Business Dean D. Crystal W. Renee W. Operations: Amanda T. Tracey B. Tina H. ProRehab’s business processes are designed and maintained using state-of-the-art computer technologies. This philosophy allows us to provide the best care to patients while maintaining administrative efficiency. ProRehab’s Business Operations Division is comprised of the following departments: human resources, accounts payable, Jana Hobbs, billing, marketing, purchasing, Clinical Liaison Chrystal N. compliance, and medical It is very rewarding to represent records. and market a company you truly Julie T. Sharon L. believe in. Jana H. Laura P. Ashley D. April R. Ashley Dame, Marketing Coordinator Our employees not only provide exceptional care to our patients, but we’re also proud of the support we provide the community through sponsorships and volunteering. We love to give back to the community that has given so much to us!
  16. 16. Community Focus ProRehab likes to give back to the community that made us. We are proud to sponsor various community events, organizational programs, and athletic teams. Our support for these programs is not just limited to a financial contribution, but includes active participation by our employees. As part of ProRehab’s ongoing dedication to the community and area high school athletes, members of the ProRehab Sports Medicine Team provide all athletic training coverage for the Double Cola soccer fields for the Evansville Vanderburgh School Corporation. ProRehab also provides Athletic Training Services for Bosse, Harrison, Reitz, Castle, Memorial and Mater Dei High Schools. In the Vincennes area, ProRehab provides athletic training coverage for Lawrenceville, North Knox, South Knox, Rivet, Vincennes Lincoln, and Washington High Schools.
  17. 17. Consulting/Research Teams we have Relationships consulted for: Several physical and occupational therapy • Indianapolis Colts The Best First Choice staff members and certified athletic trainers • Atlanta Falcons hold advanced certifications in sports, • Houston Texans orthopaedics, strength and conditioning, • Columbus Crew performance enhancement, and injury • Oklahoma City Thunder (NBA) prevention programs. Our unique • Texas Rangers affiliation with multiple high school, college, • Toronto Blue Jays and professional teams allows the resident • University of Evansville to have concentrated exposure to sports • Ball State University University of Louisville ProRehab and University of Evansville physical therapy. • • University of Oregon Sports Residency Program The ProRehab and University of Evansville Sports Residency Program is designed to provide physical therapists with advanced proficiency in the complete care of the athlete. This includes pre-participation physicals, performance enhancement, injury prevention, on-field management, rehabilitation, and return to sport considerations. During this program, the physical therapist will work in-clinic 40 hours Teams using FMS and/or per week and have time spent in direct mentorship with sports patients. The remainder of the week will be spent on-field with “hands-on” sports physical therapy mentorship provided by ProRehab’s YBT after working with us: certified athletic trainers and physical therapists. The resident will have the opportunity to work • Chicago Bears with a local high school as well as with collegiate and professional athletes. The resident will observe • Washington Redskins surgery and participate in clinic patient care with the orthopaedic surgeon. • Green Bay Packers We are training a large group of soccer • New York Giants The resident will participate in one of the active research lines through ProRehab and the University team therapists at the Football Academy • New York Jets of Evansville. The resident will also have the opportunity to assist with the teaching of the advanced in England. These teams include: • Denver Broncos sports and orthopaedic class through the University of Evansville. By the completion of the 15-month • Los Angeles Dodgers program, the therapist will be prepared to sit for the Sports Certified Specialist Exam. The ProRehab • Wolverhampton Wanderers Football Club • San Francisco Giants and University of Evansville Sports Residency Program is credentialed by the American Physical • Arsenal Football Club • Philadelphia Phillies Therapy Association as a post-professional clinical residency program for physical therapists. • West Bromwich Albion Football Club • Women’s Professional Tennis Association
  18. 18. List of Services ProRehab is the preeminent provider of outpatient physical and occupational therapy Locations Evansville, IN 7300 E. Indiana St., Suite 102 in the Tri-State. ProRehab was founded by clinicians with the vision of providing the ProRehab offers several (812) 476-0409 highest level of satisfaction for our patients and referring physicians. We provide service locations for your convenience 4421 N. First Ave. that is clinically effective and operationally efficient in an environment that is both personally and professionally challenging and rewarding for our staff. (812) 759-3001 Find us 5625 Pearl Drive, Suite 100 on Facebook. (812) 759-7493 Innovative, efficient, and effective 1101 Professional Blvd., Suite 102 (812) 759-2660 What We Do • Physical Therapy • Occupational Therapy Newburgh, IN ProRehab specializes in general orthopaedics, 8887 High Pointe Drive, Suite E upper extremity rehabilitation, hand • Sports Therapy (812) 759-7464 rehabilitation, custom bracing/splinting, • Hand Rehabilitation foot orthotics, sports therapy, and industrial • Industrial Rehabilitation Rockport, IN rehabilitation. 2827 W. State Road 66, Suite B • Orthopaedics (812) 627-7007 We also have therapists who excel in • Athletic Training advanced spine training and sacroiliac joint • Foot Orthotics Vincennes, IN pain management. The ProRehab staff is one • Low Back Pain Management 2121 Willow St. of the most experienced rehabilitation staffs (812) 882-1141 • Lymphedema Therapy in the Tri-State area. • Performance Enhancement Henderson, KY • Vestibular Imbalance Therapy 702 Barret Blvd., Suite B • Obstetrical Dysfunction (270) 631-4100 • Incontinence Madisonville, KY • Pelvic Floor Rehab ProRehab @ Home 1075 N. Main St. • ProRehab @ Home Toll Free: (866) 885-9691 (270) 643-5787
  19. 19. The Best First Choice 7300 E. Indiana St., Suite 102 • Evansville, IN Toll Free: (866) 885-9691 • (812) 476-0409 To learn more and view a complete compilation of employee Culture Book quotes, visit