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Upcoming ProQuest User Interface Improvements

An overview of the upcoming ProQuest user interface improvements.

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Upcoming ProQuest User Interface Improvements

  1. 1. Evolving the research experience in partnership Stay ahead of user expectations Superior research outcomes builds greater loyalty to the library Upcoming ProQuest User Interface improvements
  2. 2. Evolving the Research Experience: ProQuest User Interface Improvements Intuitive, Efficient, Customer Driven
  3. 3. Simplifying, Unifying 1 Open Web Discovery 2 Innovating3 Goals • Ongoing improvements to responsive design • Ongoing Search improvements including an improved search engine • Recommendation engine • Standardized metadata for consistent results • Customized hard drive delivery of content • Cloud-based access to key content for text and data mining in the digital humanities • Full TDM environment • Full API development • Google Scholar, Summon, ExLibris, OCLC Discoverability • Refworks Integration • Improved authentication • Improved Document view • Customized XML gateways • Ebooks, Pivot, Refworks Interoperability • Mobile interface • Initial roll out Design Framework – ebooks, History Vault • Full API development • OA Content and integration Platform Focus • Delight users’ experience of library resources • Empower users with research success and productivity (task completion) Simplifying, Unifying • Design Framework on key products • Declutter UI • Improved authentication • Improved Document view • Ongoing improvements to responsive design • Search results page improvements
  4. 4. Reading Experience Enhancements to the ProQuest user interface will initially focus on making the document viewing + results display simpler & easier to use.
  5. 5. Document View Today Current Document View = Opportunity to improve readability, interaction and organization
  6. 6. New UX: Intuitive Document Viewing Navigation Options More Intuitive A Doc Title Much More Prominent B More Intuitive OptionsC Full Text Easier to Navigate D Sidebar Navigation Improves Research Workflow E
  7. 7. Search Results Improved Search Results For Ease of Use
  8. 8. Search Results Display is More Intuitive Current Coming Cleaner Results Layout Consistent Sidebar Navigation Larger Search Field
  9. 9. Search Results Display is More Intuitive
  10. 10. Mobile Access Responsive Design Benefits Mobile Users
  11. 11. Responsive design = New Design framework across all ProQuest products provides a consistent, mobile enabled experience. Key Areas of Emphasis: • Adjust display according to the size • Remove non-essential functions to make the design cleaner • Emphasis on improved ease of use On the Go Access
  12. 12. Accessing ProQuest from the Open Web
  13. 13. Easy Access to ProQuest Content ProQuest is committed to integrate with the researchers’ workflow regardless of access point Open Web Access + IP Authentication =
  14. 14. • Go to: • Please contact us if you have questions or would like to share feedback. Learn more about the redesigned ProQuest interface
  15. 15. • This presentation references potential future features and functionality of ProQuest services. • Subject to user feedback and testing, any unreleased features and functionality referenced in this presentation may not be released or delivered. • Your feedback is welcome and encouraged. Please submit your feedback at Important information

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  • AiPGroup

    Oct. 29, 2015

An overview of the upcoming ProQuest user interface improvements.


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