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J.P. Morgan Research from ProQuest provides the most highly-regarded financial research available. It contains in-depth reports for 3,400 companies analyzed by 800 expert research analysts worldwide, covering all industries and all regions with just a 7 day embargo. The collection is derived from Morgan Markets, J.P. Morgan’s exclusive information for key clients and investors.

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  • Students learn by example. With JPM they can see what a great analyst report looks like for assignments like this.
  • CUSIP – 9 character code for North American financial securities, owned by the American Banking Association and operated by S&P Capital IQSEDOL – Stock Exchange Daily Official List: list of security IDs used in UK/Ireland assigned by London Stock ExchangeRIC – Reuters Instrument Code: ticker like code used by Thomson Reuters to identify financial instrumentsBloomberg – ticker like stock ID codeSIN – International Securities Identification Number: 12-character alpha-numerical uniform identification of a securityJP Morgan Ratings:Overweight – over next 6-12 months expect stock to outperform the average total return of stocks in the analyst’s/team’s coverage universe of similar/compared companies or benchmark country index (in case of Asia and UK small and mid-cap equity research)Neutral – over next 6-12 months expect stock to perform in line with average total return of stocks in the analyst’s/team’s coverage universe of similar/compared companies or benchmark country index (in case of Asia and UK small and mid-cap equity research).Underweight – over next 6-12 months expect stock to underperform the average total return of stocks in the analyst’s/team’s coverage universe of similar/compared companies or benchmark country index (in case of Asia and UK small and mid-cap equity research).Not rated – JPM has removed the rating and price target because of lack of sufficient fundamental basis or legal/regulatory or policy reasons.
  • New to ProQuest, but end user agreements are becoming more common among specialized resources, and even appear now in JSTOR
  • JP Morgan Research from ProQuest

    1. 1. J.P. MORGAN RESEARCH Available April 2014
    2. 2. The Problem Investment analyst reports are a highly valued source of company, product, and industry information and are not readily available to the academic market. 5/15/2014 2 Business students need them for: • Frequent assignments requiring company and industry information • Consulting assignments • Courses on research and analysis • Student investment clubs or courses • Detailed research into companies to prepare for job interviews Business faculty need them for: • Research • Teaching
    3. 3. 3 The Solution: J.P. Morgan Research “Institutional Investor ranks J.P. Morgan #1 in U.S. Equity Research, All- America Sales and All-America Equity Trading” (Oct. 2013) “J.P. Morgan's Michael Weinstein merits induction into the All- America Research Team Hall of Fame” (Oct. 2013) Award winning analysis on a platform designed for academic users
    4. 4. J.P. Morgan Research • Equities and economics reports from an award winning research organization with 800 expert research analysts worldwide • Derived from Morgan Markets, J.P. Morgan’s exclusive information for key clients and investors • Feed customized for the academic market At launch in April, will contain: • 50k+ reports across 3k companies, 200 industries in 50 countries • From 2011-current • Daily loads of 50-200 reports • 7-day embargo 5/15/2014 4
    5. 5. J.P. Morgan Research – Global Companies 5/15/2014 5
    6. 6. Multiple Industries, including: – Information Technology – Consumer Industries – Industrials/Capital Goods – Materials – Technology Hardware & Equipment – Healthcare – Real Estate – Banks – Energy – Pharmaceuticals and Biotech – Metals & Mining – Transportation 5/15/2014 6 J.P. Morgan Research – Coverage 50 Countries including: – U.S.A. – U.K. – Japan – India – Germany – France – South Korea – Taiwan – Brazil – Netherlands – Hong Kong – Canada – Switzerland
    7. 7. • All business students need access to current, trustworthy information about companies and industries • With J.P. Morgan Research they can find out: – what financial experts and professional researchers know about companies and industries – what they forecast is going to happen with them 5/15/2014 7 Sample Courses Requiring Use or Creation of Analyst Reports Sample Courses • Practical Topics in Investment Management (Berkeley) • General Business Administration – Strategic Analysis Framework (U. Alabama) • Applied Portfolio Management (U. Kansas) • Introduction to Financial Statement Analysis (U. Washington) • Finance Capstone (New England College of Business) • Sustainable Finance (Columbia) • Asset Management Practicum (Northwestern U.) • Introduction to Healthcare Financial Management (UCLA) • Security Analysis & Investment Valuation (U. Connecticut) • Applied Equity Valuation (U. Iowa)
    8. 8. Curricula Examples 5/15/2014 8 Students research companies and make a “stock” pitch Student Analyst Reports – learn by example
    9. 9. • Reports provide detailed company and industry information to support needs beyond Finance research – Sales results/units shipped – Competitive comparisons – Market share – Suppliers – Product information – Management actions – Economic influences – Regulatory influences – Research potential employers to prep for job interviews • Recent company initiatives • Company strategy • Growth or downsizing plans 5/15/2014 9 Not Just for Finance
    10. 10. Faculty Uses of J.P. Morgan Research 5/15/2014 10 Supports faculty research published in: • Finance • Accounting • Banking • Management & Governance • Business ethics • Organizational Behavior • Operations • Economics Topics such as: • Accounting policies • Corporate reputation • Disclosure • Earnings forecasting • Equity beta • Intellectual capital • Markets • Price/Earnings (P/E) ratios • Profitability • Stock prices and valuation
    11. 11. J.P. Morgan Research – Two Content Types 1. Equities Research Reports – Equity strategy • Stock recommendations • Top markets/regions • Regional strategies • Emerging market dashboards • Earnings previews – Company reports – Industry reports – Daily news and events • Best movers and performers • Market conditions 5/15/2014 11
    12. 12. J.P. Morgan Research – Two Content Types 2. Economics Research Reports – Indicators and conditions affecting global markets and the companies within them • Industrial production • Inflation • Growth • GDP • Consumer prices • Central banks • Government actions – Provide context for the equities reports 5/15/2014 12
    13. 13. J.P. Morgan Research – Interface • Fully integrated with all of your ProQuest news, business, etc. on one Platform with familiar user and administrator functionality 5/15/2014 13
    14. 14. 5/15/2014 14 Customized Advanced Search Advanced search fields and look ups available for the power user Teach students concepts and search fields they may use in their professional careers, i.e. • Security ID (Bloomberg, CUSIP, Sedol, RIK, SIN) • Security rating (negative, neutral, positive) • Security actions (increase, decrease, drop)
    15. 15. J.P. Morgan Research – the Disclaimer! • J.P. Morgan research is provided to academic institutions for research purposes only • Making investment decisions on the information is at the risk of the end user! • For compliance purposes all users must accept a Research Access Agreement before they can view PDFs – Language was vetted with librarians • Because this resource is intended for use for academic research only, walk- in and remote use by Alumni is not permitted. • Interlibrary Loan (ILL) is also not permitted. 5/15/2014 15
    16. 16. THANK YOU