Intota, Mark Tullos - Juried Product Development Session, Charleston 2012


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Mark Tullos discusses Intota at the 2012 Charleston Conference. Intota is a single, centrally provisioned solution that supports the entire lifecycle of the library’s collection, including selection, acquisition, resource management, cataloging, discovery, assessment and fulfillment regardless of resource type.

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  • Intota, Mark Tullos - Juried Product Development Session, Charleston 2012

    1. 1. Juried Product Development Session2012 Charleston ConferenceMark Tullos, MLIS, Sr Product Manager
    2. 2. Agenda: Intota AssessmentOverview of Concept Current Situation Intota Assessment Q&AA Look Inside Components Outputs Q&ATimeline Availability Q&A
    3. 3. Current SituationProving Library Value more difficult thanever !Library collection budgets have declinedTime spent on collection ROI is extremelylaborious Not aided by current ILSLibraries have point solutions (or none) toaid in assessing ROI Spreadsheets! Point solutions specialize in format and do not provide a collection wide solutionMonographic spend based on speculativedata, not evidence/predictive
    4. 4. Intota will be…… a single, centrally provisioned solutionthat supports the entire lifecycle of thelibrary’s collection, including selection,acquisition, resource management,cataloging, discovery, assessment andfulfillment regardless of resource type.
    5. 5. Key Elements of Intota Unified, intelligent workflows Knowledgebase Assessment InteroperableDeveloped and supported by Serials Solutions
    6. 6. Intota AssessmentIncludes: Base collection assessment for book and serial analysis COUNTER data for e-resources – cost per use Print usage e versions of print holdings Overlap analysis on local and regional collections Recommendations based on transactions (orders, checkouts, ILL, etc.) …And more= Total picture of holdings, usage and overlap across allformats.
    7. 7. Components Print Print COUNTER Usage Holdings KB Recommend - ILL acquireHathi Trust Intota Assessment Reporting/Dashboards Data Profiler Impact Recommend - BIP/RCL/ deselect Factor Google PubTrack Ulrich’s
    8. 8. Collection Benchmarks IncludedBooks in Print, including forthcoming titlesResources for College LibrariesUlrich’s for serialsOpening Day CollectionsMagazines for LibrariesAdditional core title lists
    9. 9. OutputsUsage and cost per use based on holdings, printcirculation, and COUNTEROverlap analysisWeeding supportROI over an entire subject/discipline/collectionProject COUNTER data by disciplineEvidence based recommendation support Forthcoming title Renew/Cancel/Re-package Books based on journal usage Titles based on ILL volume
    10. 10. OutputsFund code analysisPDA reportingCustom report optionsDashboards, widgets and messagingHathi Trust and Google Books overlapBook stats from Bowker PubTrackMobile support
    11. 11. OutputsPeer Evaluation As user base grows, programmatically compare your collection to others Strengths/weaknesses within consortia Consortia collection development Amazon-like recommendations – “other libraries have…”Contribution to Institutional Data Mix with Student Outcomes to prove Library value Reporting to ACRL, ARL, and more
    12. 12. Better TogetherUsage data from Summon includedComparison of resources indexed inSummonFully integrated with Intota platform
    13. 13. AvailabilityAssessment is the first production service of Intota, available in Q3 2013Assessment can stand on its own for customers not moving to new library systemin near termReplaces USAS, BBAS and 360 Counter standalone products with a consolidatedmodelUSAS and BBAS will be phased out