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Intota, Jane Burke - Charleston Conference 2012


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Jane Burke discusses Intota at the 2012 Charleston Conference. Intota s a single, centrally provisioned solution that supports the entire lifecycle of the library’s collection, including selection, acquisition, resource management, cataloging, discovery, assessment and fulfillment regardless of resource type.

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Intota, Jane Burke - Charleston Conference 2012

  1. 1. Today’s Reality: CollectionsNature of the collectionhas changed50% of collectionelectronic60+% materialsbudget Managing today’s collection with yesterday’s tools
  2. 2. The PainWorkflowsSystem MaintenanceAssessment
  3. 3. The solutionSerials Solutions is building a completelynew solution that helps libraries workmore efficiently so you can spend moretime on mission-critical activities.
  4. 4. Intota is…… a single, centrally provisioned solutionthat supports the entire lifecycle of thelibrary’s collection, including selection,acquisition, resource management,cataloging, discovery, and fulfillmentregardless of resource type.
  5. 5. Advantages of “Centrally Provisioned”New, open technology No local hardware No “client” software InteroperableSaaS model Not just “in the cloud” Multi-tenantEasy, fast to enhance
  6. 6. A Unique Solution Unified, intelligent workflows Knowledgebase Assessment InteroperableDeveloped and supported by Serials Solutions
  7. 7. Complete functionality, reconceptualized
  8. 8. IntotaSerials Solutions Knowledgebase l Packages l Licensing l Monographs/Serials l Vendor information built on FRBR framework l Authorities Selection Acquisitions Description Discovery Fulfillment Assessment • User input • Funds • Cataloging • Summon • Circulation • Usage data • Selection • Electronic • Authority • Others • ILL • Inventory lists ordering control • Electronic Management • PDA • License data • Piece control delivery • Online • Selection • Auto invoice • Patron • Booking Reporting building • Interaction w/ tools integration Data • BIP • Auto copy • Reporting cataloging Warehouse • Ulrich’s • Assessment • Preservation • ILL • AP updates • Overlap • Others • PDA updates
  9. 9. Resource Management Workfloww ERM: Quote from Order to Provider/Agent Provider Add to Add Order: Track Select Select PO:Search Bib/ Status = more RM Resource Provider Status = Holdings on order data Selected Copy catalog ERM: from KB or Trial other source. URL and Invoice from Provider Renewal Portal Activation/ Renew/ Receive Check-In Cancel and Pay: Renewal Renew Checklist: Link Tester Checklist: Utility Status= In Alert ? Status = Status = Renewed/ Process Subscribed Cancelled Print or Electronic Payment to Subscriptions Provider Red = Electronic and Print Blue = Electronic only
  10. 10. Intota Catalog MARC DC etc. ContentNot in KB Not in KB Not in KB In KB In KB In KB Summon Overlay Record (custom metadata) Access, Items Master LC Record BIP (KB) KB KB Ulrich’s (authoritative transform Entity pipeline metadata) Providers Record etc. (not in KB)
  11. 11. Networked Authority Control LC, MESH Serials Solutions Knowledgebase and other SerSol Authority controlled • Names Authority SerSol vocabularies • Names • SubjectsStandardized • Subjects • Controlled References Vocabulary terms • Controlled • Locations from Vocabulary Controlled • Locations Vocabularies Staff Summon Index Index Customer Union Library 1 Library 2 Library 3
  12. 12. Circulation Policy Example
  13. 13. Imagine …Integrated selectionSeamless copy catalogingLicensing data that just appearsPDA that just worksVendor details that update automaticallyAuthority data that’s always current withalmost no effortPackages that update themselves
  14. 14. Our Goal: To Unplug your ILSOffered as a subscription modelRepurpose your “systems” budgetContain your total costs
  15. 15. Intota AvailabilityPhase 1: Data Management - 2012• Data Phase 2: Selection – 2013 management • Selection (manage Phase 3: Fulfillment - 2014 • External system resources/ • Full circulation integration cataloging) • Overlap analysis • Network authority• Acquisitions print control & electronic • Data harvesting by campus warehousing service
  16. 16. Our Development PartnersSUNY GeneseoUniversity at BuffaloBall State UniversityJohnson County Community CollegeOklahoma State UniversityMarist College
  17. 17. Serials Solutions Delivers Proven history of solving problems First e-resources management serviceUnderstand SaaS and agile development Unmatched customer service Founded by a librarian for librarians
  18. 18. Our Commitment: Benefits to your librarySingle workflow=increase efficiencyBetter decision making and data sharingBudget savings from displacing the ILSAbility for you to focus on mission-criticalactivities