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Charleston 2012 - Let it Flow: Effectiveness of Unified and Intelligent Workflows in the Library


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Libraries today frequently struggle with identifying the best strategy to maximize resources, systems and staff. As collections shift from print to electronic resources, the need for new ways to manage workflows becomes more critical. With the introduction of new web-scale management systems and the looming question of when to migrate away from the traditional ILS, librarians must determine how much automation is desired vs. required – and how to balance the value of technology and human interaction.

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Charleston 2012 - Let it Flow: Effectiveness of Unified and Intelligent Workflows in the Library

  1. 1. Let It Flow: Effectiveness of Unified and Intelligent Workflows in the LibraryCharleston 2012 #Charleston12Anne Prestamo, Oklahoma State UniversityCyril Oberlander, SUNY GeneseoPhyllis Kaiden, Serials Solutions
  2. 2. OutlineIntroductionOSU: Today’s Reality, Tomorrow’s IdealGeneseo: Let Recommendations & Work FlowUnified intelligent workflowsImagine! What else is possible?
  3. 3. The PainWorkflowsSystem MaintenanceAssessment
  4. 4. Posing the question:• How can library systems transform decision making?• What are libraries doing today?• Conversations with 60 libraries.
  5. 5. Intelligent Workflows at 2 Libraries Cyril Oberlander, Director, SUNY Geneseo – Let Recommendations and Work Flow Anne Prestamo,Associate Dean, Oklahoma State University – Today’s Reality, Tomorrow’s Ideal
  6. 6. Oklahoma State University Buy vs. Borrow Today’s Reality Tomorrow’s Ideal
  7. 7. GuidelinesBuy books requested via ILL, UNLESS:• Items already owned by the OSU Libraries• Publication date is older than the current fiscal year & the 4 previous years• Items priced at $150.00 or more• Blocked publishers/plans - standing orders or other plans as identified by ACQ staff (i.e. best seller plan)• Excluded formats o Audio-visual materials such as DVDs, CDs, audio books, etc. o Non-English language books o Textbooks as designated by OCLC or Barnes & Noble o Workbooks, or manuals, e.g. lab manuals or solution manuals o Software manuals o Music scores o Journal or serial volumes o Dissertations or theses o Conference proceedings
  8. 8. ILL Request via ILLIAD
  9. 9. Buy vs Borrow Workflow Patron request YBP Receive ebook YBP Yes Purchase link and send ebook? Process to ILL ILL Staff No search ILS Amazon Catalog Book Amazon Yes Purchase and send to book? Process ILLYes Owned? No No Notify Patron Borrow (ILLiad) Yes Meets Buy criteria? No
  10. 10. Let recommendations and work flowGetting It System Toolkit (GIST) & Decision Making Streamlining GIST Team, SUNY Geneseo Tim Bowersox, Cyril Oberlander, Kate Pitcher, Mark Sullivan, GISTLIBRARY.ORG
  11. 11. Economic TransformationsMonograph Spending/Sharing & ILL Association of Research Libraries 2008-2009 ILL Cost # Titles With # ILL Titles / rights Student Purchased 2009 over 11 Million ILL requests (ALA) 2010 ~ 9.6M OCLC ILL requests (OCLC)
  12. 12. Decision Engines are key to innovation = Collection Building Profiles + AutomationWorkflow must understand our profiles & criteria, gather & incorporate valueddata to help us make decisions quickly – so we can innovate services.• What criteria are most important to you for determining collection decisions?• How do you leverage data & services to make workflow streamlined & automated? Accept this Buy or Evaluate Gift Borrow this Book ? ? ?
  13. 13. GIST uses Conspectusas your customizable collection building profile The OCLC Conspectus is a subject hierarchy consisting of divisions, categories, and subjects. Subject Collecting Division Level Range 0-5 LC & Dewey Consortia & Regional Holdings Factors you profile to make a Decision Engine
  14. 14. DecisionEngine usingConspectus Yes/No or If/Then What matters?
  15. 15. Getting It System Toolkit
  16. 16. GIST for ILLiad – buy & borrow workflow in 1 platform Acquisitions Manager Order, encumber, and fulfill— Acquisitions all within ILLiad. Automated &/or Manual TransferGIST for ILLiad WebpagesGIST allows ILLiad to route patron requests automatically GIST ILLiad tablesusing your buy vs. borrow criteria. View availability and price data Interlibrary in one place. Loan
  17. 17. GIST Webpage End user sees data that matters and helps our decisions… Features • Amazon Reviews • Discovers full-text from Google Books, Hathi Trust, Internet Archive & more • Discovers Local holdings & links to local catalog • Pricing options for end-users • Custom user questions • Worldcat group holdings data Automation & Strategies… • Route requests with Full-Text to special queues • Route requests with no consortia holdings to purchasing evaluation queues • User (status specific) purchase requests • Other ideas…
  18. 18. GIST ILLIAD Addons – staff open request & opens service + auto-searchesAcq + ILL Staff access any web services for purchasing, cataloging, downloading, etc. • Amazon • GOBI • OCLC Connexion • & 20+ more…
  19. 19. GIST Acquisitions Manager AutomatedConspectus built into ILL & Acquisitions workflow customizable Acquisitions Addon collection building profile for Acquisitions & ILL Purchase Addon
  20. 20. GIST Acquisitions Manager: adds funds, conspectus, and more… GIST Toolkit Service Delivery
  21. 21. GIST Gift & Deselection Manager It’s FREE!open source standalone system for Gifts & Collection Evaluation
  22. 22. Gift Automation @ 3 second processing Features Included: • Auto-Wish list detection (default Caldecott & Newbery Awards) • Recommendation automated by your OCLC Connexion Donor Letter Conspectus (auto-searched) (automated) • Detects Hathi & Google Books full- view • Review by subject, email, print • & much more…
  23. 23. GIST Deselection Manager: evaluate item by item
  24. 24. GDM: Batch Collection Evaluation or Deselection 1. Import ISBN &/or OCLC# using an ILS report (e.g. 0 or low use report as a simple delimited file) 2. Run Batch Processing – GIST exports Excel file. 3. Review GDM data: Free full text, price, accepted by Better World Books, regional holdings, & more. 4. Sort by values, make decisions, then… 5. Batch remove from OCLC using Connexion (or convert records for full-text holdings?) Practical Uses • Batch collection evaluation for weeding, what is rare, digitized, regional holdings, etc.? • Book and journal duplication analysis • Identifying works to digitize • Identifying materials for special collections
  25. 25. Conspectus + Recommendation + Automation Your profile + Item/Request + Data Accept this Buy or Evaluate Gift Borrow this Book
  26. 26. Decision Making Engine: Automate your recommendation work flowWhy? GISTLIBRARY.ORGTo empower us for our future… by unlocking the talent and time of people in our librariesWe/Libraries need…• Strategic options• Platforms that enable us to focus our time and talent to transform and provide new services to help the future of higher education; • Publishing Services – academic content distribution models • Digital Scholarship & Digital Projects – academic R & D, & distribution • Data Management – academic content distribution models • Project Management - academic R & D, & knowledge management • Instructional Design – transforming learning environments & assessment • and moreWe/Libraries need to make every decision count…• SUNY Geneseo and other development partner libraries are working with Serials Solutions and applying our expertise to help develop a new library system.• SUNY Geneseo & IDS Project also works with Atlas Systems, Copyright Clearance Center, OCLC, other vendors and other libraries to develop library systems and solutions.
  27. 27. imagine…What else could you be doing with your time, money & resources?
  28. 28. A Unique Solution Unified, intelligent workflows Knowledgebase Assessment InteroperableDeveloped and supported by Serials Solutions
  29. 29. Serials Solutions Knowledgebase Metadata for Rules, New Content Normalization, Types (e.g. Standardization, A/V) Cataloging Industry Ulrich’s Authority Data (all) (e.g. LCNA, LCSA)KnowledgeWorks New Business metadata (e.g. (all) KB standard licenses)
  30. 30. Assessment Print COUNTER Print Usage Holdings Recommend - KB ILL acquireHathi Trust Intota Collection Analysis Reporting/Dashboards Impact Factor Accreditation BIP/RCL/ Recommend - Google Ulrich’s deselect PubTrack 30
  31. 31. Interoperability Campus systems PDA ConsortiaVendors Intota Discovery
  32. 32. Decision Support Engine Components Conditions Actions RulesRule: If <condition> then <action>If database cancel-date = today then deactivate titlesand alert Collection Development
  33. 33. OSU Buy vs Borrow Workflow - Current Patron request YBP Receive ebook YBP Yes Purchase link and send ebook? Process to ILL ILL Staff No search ILS Amazon Catalog Book Amazon Yes Purchase and send to book? Process ILLYes Owned? No No Notify Patron Borrow (ILLiad) Yes Meets Buy criteria? No
  34. 34. Automatically check forownership?Automatically know if arequest meets Buy Criteria?Automatically place the order What if yourwith preferred vendor? systemAutomatically add record toour catalog? could:Automatically notify patron ofavailability?
  35. 35. Data + Actions + Rules = IntelligentBuy vs Borrow rule If requested item not owned by library and Publication date > (current year minus 5) and Cost < $150 and Format = (allowed formats) and available from preferred vendor Then place order with vendor and Notify selector and patron Else borrow and notify ILL and patron
  36. 36. OSU Buy vs Borrow Workflow - Future Patron request YBP Receive ebook YBP Yes Purchase link and send ebook? Process System adds to ILL ILL Staff No System to catalog; search ILS acquires interoperates material, Amazon with vendor Catalog Book Amazon mediated or Yes Purchase and ILL to and send to System book? unmediated receives Process fulfill patron ILLYes workflow request Owned? request and No assesses buy No vs borrow Notify Patron Borrow (ILLiad) Yes Meets Buy criteria? No
  37. 37. What can you imagine? Survey of ideas What have you done? What else is possible? Enjoy the chocolate!• Anne Prestamo, Oklahoma State University,• Cyril Oberlander, SUNY Geneseo,• Phyllis Kaiden, Serials Solutions,