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SysML adoption in France


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Published in: Technology, Business
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SysML adoption in France

  1. 1. SysML Adoption in France:Industry ExamplesPascal RoquesFebruary 20th, 2013
  2. 2. • Independent Consultant & Trainer,25 years of experience in modeling SADT, OMT, UML, SysML• OMG Certified on UML2 and SysML• Co-founder of association• Author of UML best-sellers in France(>50 000 copies)• … and of the first FrenchSysML book (MagicDraw!)pascal.roques@prfc.frThe Speaker: Pascal Roques2
  3. 3. • Last time in Dallas: 1991!• IDEF Users Conference (Fort Worth)• ASA™: Automata and Structured Analysis• Enhanced SADT with dynamics description bymeans of Finite State Machines• Provided tools, not only for edition anddocumentation generation, but also simulationand even test generation• Applied intensively on industrial projects, mainlyin: aeronautics, ground transportation andspace from 1985…The Speaker: Pascal Roques3
  4. 4. SysML Stakeholders4• American Systems, BAE SYSTEMS, Boeing, Deere &Company, EADS Astrium, Eurostep, Israel AircraftIndustries, Lockheed Martin, Motorola, NIST, NorthropGrumman,, Raytheon, THALESIndustry• ARTiSAN, EmbeddedPlus, Gentleware, IBM, I-Logix,Mentor Graphics, PivotPoint Technology, SparxSystems,Telelogic, VitechTool Vendors• AP-233, INCOSE, Georgia Institute of Technology, etc.• In France: AFISOthers
  5. 5. AFIS (Association Françaised’Ingénierie Système)5•
  6. 6. AFIS Founders6• Airbus• Alstom Transport• Areva• Dassault Aviation• EADS• EDF• Nexter Systems• RATP• Thales• Thales Alenia Space
  7. 7. Other AFIS Members7• Altran• CNES• CS• DCNS• DGA• Renault• Astrium• PSA• Dassault Systemes• …
  8. 8. SysML France Association8• Created in 2009 to promote the use ofSysML in France
  9. 9. SysML France (wiki)9•
  10. 10. SysML France (blog)10•
  11. 11. SysML France 1st Conference(2009/11/27 - Toulouse)11• …• Une approche Model-Driven pour le lanceurAriane 5• P. Gast, EADS Astrium• SysML pour le développement des calculateursavioniques à Airbus• Y. Bernard, Airbus• SysML chez Magnetti-Marelli : promesses etquestions• T. Cornuaud, Magneti-Marelli• …
  12. 12. SysML France 1st Conference(2009/11/27)12
  13. 13. SysML France 1st Conference(2009/11/27)13
  14. 14. SysML France 1st Conference(2009/11/27)14
  15. 15. SysML France 2nd Conference(2010/12/06 - Paris)15• …• AVATAR : un profil SysML temps réel outillé• P. de Saqui-Sannes, L. Apvrille, ISAE/LAAS,TelecomParis/Sophia Antipolis• SysML et Modelica• J.-Y CHOLEY, Directeur du LISMMA Supméca• De SADT à SysML• P. Roques, A2-Artal• SysML 2.0 : vers la prochaine version majeure• L. Rioux, Thalès, membre de lOMG• …
  16. 16. SysML France 3rd Conference(2011/12/14 - Toulouse)16• …• T. Lesergent, F-X. Dormoy, Esterel« SCADE: une suite intégrée doutils pourlingénierie système et logicielle »• V. Richard, LGM« Modélisation système avec le langage SysML »• L. Audounet, Rockwell Collins« Démarche de Model Based Safety Assessment(MBSA) basée sur des modèles SysML »• E. Panier, Nexter Electronics« Génération de modèles SysML à partir dedocuments existants »• …
  17. 17. AFIS Thematic Day(2012/09/27 – Toulouse)17
  18. 18. SysML France 4th Conference(2012/11/13 - Mulhouse)18• …• OMG: Transformation SysML/Modelica & autresL. RIOUX, THALES• A model based approach for safety analysisE. SOUBIRAN, ALSTOM• Génération de tests à partir de SysMLF. BOUQUET• …
  19. 19. Bureau Veritas(2012/11/27)19
  20. 20. Bureau Veritas(2012/11/27)20
  21. 21. Current Status21• Increasing adoption in various domains• Aerospace• Transportation• Automotive• Defense• Healthcare• Energy• …• Massively taught!• Engineers (N7, ISAE, Masters)• Recently: Bac STI2D!, BTS, prépas
  22. 22. Trends (Google)22
  23. 23. Trends (Google)23
  24. 24. Trends (Google)24
  25. 25. Next Step: Other French-Speaking Associations… 25
  26. 26. Thanks for your Attention!26