From SADT to SysML


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From SADT to SysML

  1. 1. From SADT to SysML: formulation of an ICSSEA , 07/12/2010
  2. 2. Speaker: Pascal Roques Senior Consultant, >20 years modeling experience • SADT, • OMT, UML, SysML Co-founder and chairman of Author of several best-seller UML books in French … and of the first French SysML book 2
  3. 3. The past: SADT and ASA™ (1/2) SADT: Structured Analysis and Design Technique • Diagrammatic notation designed specifically to help people describe and understand systems • Boxes and arrows with informal semantics • Top-down functional breakdown • Received extensive use starting in 1973 by the US Air Force Integrated Computer Aided Manufacturing program • In 1981, IDEF0 formalism was published, based on SADT 3
  4. 4. The past: SADT and ASA™ (2/2) ASA™: Automata and Structured Analysis (Verilog) • Enhanced SADT with dynamics description by means of Finite State Machines  Formalization of communication arrows  Dynamic description of the leaf functions in terms of states, events, actions and conditions (LSA language) • Provided tools, not only for edition and documentation generation, but also simulation and even test generation  applied intensively on industrial projects, mainly in: aeronautics, ground transport and space 4
  5. 5. The present: SysML™ (OMG) General-purpose graphical modeling language for specifying, analyzing, designing, and verifying complex systems that may include hardware, software, information, personnel, procedures, and facilities 5
  6. 6. Possible SADT/SysML mappings (1/3) SADT: A-0 Context Diagram • Describes the environment of the system seen as a black box SysML Internal Block Diagram 6
  7. 7. SysML Complementary Diagrams (1/2) SysML Block Definition Diagram SysML Use Case Diagram SysML Sequence Diagram 7
  8. 8. Possible SADT/SysML mappings (2/3) SADT: A0 Diagram • Shows the first breakdown level of the system into functions SysML Internal Block Diagram 8
  9. 9. Possible SADT/SysML mappings (3/3) SADT: A0 Diagram SysML Activity Diagram 9
  10. 10. SysML Complementary Diagrams (2/2) SysML Block Definition Diagram SysML Sequence Diagram SysML State Machine Diagram 10
  11. 11. Summary: SADT/SysML SADT SysML 11
  12. 12. Conclusion SADT provides only two different types of diagrams, enabling simple communication • But this is paid by a lack of expressivity that can be really a problem for complex systems On the contrary, SysML offers nine different types of diagrams and is then much richer! • SysML is just a modeling language, not a method A systematic translation from SADT models to SysML models can be envisaged, even if some theoretical points are still debatable • Main issue: are SADT functions mostly structural (SysML blocks) or mostly behavioral (SysML activities and actions) or both?! • Work in progress with Obeo Designer 12