NYC Social TV Meetup - April 2011


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Presentation from April 2011's NYC Social TV Meetup, hosted by Socialbomb.

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  • Hi! Thank you for coming to the second NY Social TV Meetup!\n\nI'm Adam Simon, co-founder, and Chief Creative Officer of Socialbomb. We work with brands and agencies and startups to build awesome social software. Lately, that’s meant a lot of software for, by, or about TV, and we know a lot of other you are, too, \n\n
  • SB TV apps:\n- True Blood Live Feed\n- second screen prototype for Blu-ray with Technicolor, went to CES\n- UX for Starling’s Captionbomb for MTV’s Skins\n\n
  • SB TV apps:\n- True Blood Live Feed\n- second screen prototype for Blu-ray with Technicolor, went to CES\n- UX for Starling’s Captionbomb for MTV’s Skins\n\n
  • SB TV apps:\n- True Blood Live Feed\n- second screen prototype for Blu-ray with Technicolor, went to CES\n- UX for Starling’s Captionbomb for MTV’s Skins\n\n
  • Last month I did a quick overview of the industry, so today I thought we’d talk about what happened in the last month...and there was A LOT. Please interrupt me if there’s something you want to say about any of these things.\n\n\n
  • Check-in stats\n\n\n
  • Check-in stats\n\n\n
  • \n
  • Into_Now announces a deal where checking in to a Pepsi commercial unlocks a coupon for a free soda...\nand then less than a week later, is acquired by Yahoo, just 12 weeks after their public launch.\n\n\n\n
  • SocialGuide, a New York-based startup building a realtime ‘social TV guide’, has secured $1.5 million in funding\n\n\n
  • Trendrr launches, which ranks shows based on their activity across Facebook, Twitter, GetGlue, & Miso\n\n\n
  • ShowYou launches for iPhone & iPad, a socially filtered video feed, trying to be the Flipboard for video\n\n\n
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  • Henry Jenkin’s hosted the 2nd Transmedia Hollywood conference at UCLA\n\n\n
  • social media sourced news show, streaming online right now four days a week, live on Al Jazeera English next week.\n\n\n
  • KM Co launched live chats on for co-viewing during Knicks games\n\n\n\n
  • NBA launched a 2nd screen app, with real time stats for live games, and rewards for checking in to live games\n\n\n
  • An upcoming version of Miso will include special features for Fox reality shows like “Celebrity Apprentice” and “So You Think You Can Dance” that will let users share who they’d have voted off that week.\n\n\n
  • BET launches an iPhone app for 106 & Park.\nThe show is a video request show, like MTV’s Total Request Live\napp:\n- vote for videos, but you have to plat a game scratching a turntable on your phone, which determines how many votes you get\n- scan QR codes on your TV during the show, which shows you bonus content about the current video\n\n- hosts call out a hashtag on-air, and there’s a great “twitter wall” in the app, along with a heat-map based on location\n- the hosts have access to the heatmap on-air - they can zoom-in on a user and their phone will ring, connecting them right to the studio: “Fame lottery” which gives good reason to use the app while watching\n\nSpent one year building it, and had hosts promoting it on air for30-60 miutes every day for a week during the launch.\n\n\n
  • The Voice music competition show premiered on NBC, with really heavy on-air tweeting. All the hosts tweeted live, responding to viewers and providing commentary on the competition.\n\nThe Official account kept pace and retweeted things for later timezones.\n\nNBC won the night in the 18-49 demographic with a 5.1 rating. “It was NBC’s strongest series premiere since 2009′s The Jay Leno Show’s 5.3 ...”explains TVbytheNumbers. The show also ranked #1 in both Trendrr and SocialGuide‘s rankings of the most social shows on Tuesday.\n\n\n
  • Twitter hashtags appearing on Fox shows like Glee, Fringe, and Bones\n\n\n
  • \n
  • Time Warner & Cablevision launch streaming to iPad for their subscribers: TWC with a few dozen channels, Cablevision with their entire lineup\nSome content providers demand TWC pull their channels, which they do...and then TWC takes Viacom to court, saying they have the right to push video to any screen in the house.\n\nTime Warner compared the whiners to a group of people trying to fight the current of a river with "feeble karate."\n\n\n\n\n
  • HBO Go announced for iOS, coming May 2nd\nGame of Thrones starts streaming on with bonus features\n\n\n
  • Netflix has 23.6 million subscribers, compared to Comcast’s 22.8 million. (Comcast is the biggest US cable provider)\nPaying $1 million / episode to start streaming Mad Men this summer\nStreaming will be an $800 million business by 2015 according to a report from Convergence Consulting Group\n\n\n!5789263\n\n
  • Two possible Netflix competitors in the wings:\nDish Network completed their acquisition of Blockbuster, might re-launch their streaming service\nDirectTV surveying customers about adding a Netflix-style streaming service\nComcast expands VOD to include current shows from all networks and a lot of cable channels\n\n\n\n\n\n
  • PSN has been down for over a week after being hacked, customer identity and credit card numbers possibly stolen, and no access to Netflix, Hulu Plus, or Sony’s Qurocity\ncombined with Amazon’s day-long EC2 outage, raising some eyebrows about how quickly we’re switching to cloud services\n\n\n
  • YouTube might be expanding their streaming movie rentals to day-and-date release with DVD, making it similar to iTunes’s offering\n\n\n
  • “Him, Her and Them” launches as a “social film” on Facebook, letting users add to the narrative with comments, and showing users only the comments added by their friends.\n\n\n
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  • NYC Social TV Meetup - April 2011

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