Energy scan ir sample report


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Energy scan ir sample report

  1. 1. 100 Old Springfield Rd Woodburn KY Date 5/04/2011 Time 8:00 am Outside Temp 46° Delta T/Δ° 30 Δ° Exterior Thermal 1
  2. 2. Tuesday, October 04, 2011Joe Customer100 Old Springfield RdWoodburn KY 42170Dear Mr. Schwab:Included is the report for the recent Energy Scan IR that we performedon your residence. Property Inspectir is proud to assist you in helpingsave our natural resources.This Energy Scan IR report is designed to be clear, easy to understandand helpful. If there is anything you would like for our Thermographerto explain, or if there is other information you would like, please feelfree to call me us 877-466-0272 or 270-781-5676.We thank you for the opportunity to be of service to you.Sincerely,J HarnageJohn HarnageEnergy Scan IR TechnicianAuthorized EnergyScanIR® ContractorCertified Infrared Thermographer#7926 2
  3. 3. Understanding Infrared Imagery and ThermographyGeneralThis inspection report reflects the conditions of the property at the time of the surveyonly. Hidden or concealed defects cannot be included in this report, therefore no warrantyis either expressed or implied, however an earnest effort was made to discover defects.When an image is taken by our infrared camera, it is recorded on the internal memory ofthe camera and later converted to a digital image file with the assistance of a computer.The image may be then modified in a number of ways to enhance its value to the enduser. In the case of this report, the images were digitized and then adjusted for contrastand brightness before being scaled and placed into our custom program and laterconverted to this PDF file.AnalysisProperty Inspectir was contracted to find areas that waste energy. Our survey of thebuilding within the time frame was focused on the heat loss by finding missing,misplaced or damaged insulation in the exterior walls and ceilings and by finding airleakage to the level which we were able to create by reducing the internal pressure,without installing a blower door. A quantitative blower door survey can be provided atadditional cost.Every attempt was made to image property according to the ASTM C1060 standard;however, due to circumstances beyond our control this might not have been possible. Forexample, weather conditions, inaccessible areas, furniture or appliances that cover agiven area.RecommendationsProperty Inspectir recommends all areas showing anomalies should be reviewed to findout the cause and repaired. Our recommendations are not intended as criticisms of thebuilding, but rather as professional opinions regarding conditions that we found.We are often asked how to prioritize the repairs and repair the areas that have beenidentified in this report. Below, find the three categories:  Conditions which affect performance and life safety issues (if any) are of course, of the highest priority.  Next are conditions that do not appear to pose any threat to the safety of the occupants of the building, but that need repair because they create a condition that affects the performance of the building or could deteriorate the building itself. Examples would be items that appear to be large areas of heat loss or areas of moisture intrusion. These areas should be tested by a qualified repairman to determine the appropriate corrective action.  Finally, lower priority conditions that have a low impact on performance of the thermal, air and/or moisture barriers, but have reached the level of a reportable anomaly. These should be evaluated to determine if it is cost-effective to conduct repairs. 3
  4. 4. OrientationWe will describe the locations of the various features of this property, left or right, etc., asthough we were standing in street looking at the front of building.Information Contained On the Thermographic Report PagesThrough the use of thermal imaging, we have found areas with anomalies. Theseanomalies have been notated on the individual thermographic reports that follow(typically, two per page). Infrared thermographs and visual photographs were takenduring survey. If we did not find a reportable anomaly, we did not create a thermographicreport.InterpretationWhen viewing IR images, anomalies commonly present where the conditions exist and/orwhere our reference (arrows or area boxes) are located. When IR images are taken duringcolder months (winter), the areas of deficient insulation look darker. When IR images aretaken during warmer months (summer), the areas of deficient insulation look lighter. “WINTER” COLD SPOTS “SUMMER” HOT SPOTS 4
  5. 5. Location: Right side of homeWhere: Entire wall systemCondition: Lack of proper insulationRecommendation: Increase insulation levels Repairs Conducted:Location: Right side of homeWhere: Entire wall systemCondition: Lack of proper insulationRecommendation: Increase insulation levels Repairs Conducted: 5
  6. 6. Location: Right side of homeWhere: Exterior temperature control unitCondition: No major energy loss at unitRecommendation: None Repairs Conducted:Location: Rear of homeWhere: Rear entry doorCondition: Heat loss at top of doorRecommendation: Repair or replace door seal Repairs Conducted: 6
  7. 7. Location: Right side of homeWhere: Crawl spaceCondition: Major heat loss via ductworkRecommendation: Repair or replace ductwork with insulated lines Repairs Conducted:Location: Rear of homeWhere: To the right of the rear storage attachmentCondition: Extreme heat lossRecommendation: Increase insulation in area Repairs Conducted: 7
  8. 8. Location: InteriorWhere: Left side of doorCondition: Exterior air infiltrationRecommendation: Increase insulation in area Repairs Conducted:Location: InteriorWhere: Above front door left front cornerCondition: Air infiltrationRecommendation: Increase insulation Repairs Conducted: 8
  9. 9. Location: InteriorWhere: Front entry area right wallCondition: Improper insulation in attic areaRecommendation: Increase or adjust insulation Repairs Conducted:Location: InteriorWhere: Master Bedroom front wall right cornerCondition: Missing or loose insulationRecommendation: Increase insulation levels Repairs Conducted: 9
  10. 10. Location: InteriorWhere: Master bedroom exterior wall corner at rear of homeCondition: Lack of insulationRecommendation: Increase insulation levels Repairs Conducted:Location: InteriorWhere: Closet just outside of master bedroomCondition: Previous moisture intrusion as well as lack of proper insulationRecommendation: Check area for roof leaks and increase insulation levels Repairs Conducted: 10
  11. 11. Location: InteriorWhere: Above chimneyCondition: Missing or loose insulationRecommendation: Increase insulation levels Repairs Conducted:Location: InteriorWhere: Above rear entry doorCondition: Moisture intrusionRecommendation: Inspect roof for leaks in area Repairs Conducted: 11
  12. 12. Location: InteriorWhere: throughoutCondition: Air infiltration at window as shownRecommendation: Repair or replace seals on windows in these areas Repairs Conducted:Location: InteriorWhere: Laundry room far cornerCondition: Missing insulationRecommendation: Increase insulation Repairs Conducted: 12
  13. 13. Location: InteriorWhere: Laundry roomCondition: Slight insulation defectRecommendation: Increase or even out level in area Repairs Conducted:Location: InteriorWhere: Front left far bedroom cornerCondition: Front insulation shows lower levels that left side of homeRecommendation: Increase insulation levels on front of home Repairs Conducted: FRONT WALL 13
  14. 14. Location: InteriorWhere: Solar battery packsCondition: Loose or dirty electrical connectionRecommendation: Remove connection / clean and install properly Repairs Conducted:Location: InteriorWhere: Front entry right sideCondition: Settled insulation as well as air infiltration over windowRecommendation: Increase insulation level and caulk around windows Repairs Conducted: 14
  15. 15. Location: InteriorWhere: First bedroom on leftCondition: Vent blockageRecommendation: Relocate or redirect vent to allow proper infiltration into home Repairs Conducted:Location: InteriorWhere: Main T.V. centerCondition: General consumptionRecommendation: No major recommendations Repairs Conducted: 15