Mobile Strategy for Manufacturing


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Propelics Webinar: Mobile Strategy for Manufacturing

How Can Mobile be Used as a Strategic Advantage for Manufacturers?

In this fast paced economy, manufacturing firms are having to not only keep up with customer demands, but also improve quality and reduce cost. With a workforce that’s spread across the globe and heavy reliance on supply chain management, quality and speed, firms are struggling to keep up with the requirements of execution needed for success.

As a result, we have seen:

-Manufacturing firms are left with thin margins to make minimum improvements
-Many employees still perform tasks via cumbersome and error-prone paper processes
-Huge disconnect in communication between employees, or with vendors and suppliers leading to inefficiencies

The benefits for mobile use within manufacturers for their own employees are not to be overlooked.

Download these slide to learn more about mobile use cases within manufacturing and how to capitalize on this great opportunity.

Download these information packed webinar slides to learn:

-Market trends in Enterprise mobile app use in manufacturing
-Objectives for manufacturing firms today – productivity and communication
-Most effective use cases for manufacturing business process
-How to quickly establish a mobile strategy and identify great mobile use cases for your employees

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Mobile Strategy for Manufacturing

  1. 1. Welcome. Mobile Strategy 
 for Manufacturing September 26h, 2013 @propelics We will begin at 
 1:02pm EDT!
  2. 2. Propelics Background – About Us 15+ year track record Fortune 500 clients Global experience 100% focused on mobile for the Enterprise •  San Jose, Boston, Pittsburgh •  •  •  •  Propelics creates mobile strategies and world class 
 Apps for the Enterprise.
 Trusted by companies like yours: 2
  3. 3. What We Do •  Enterprise Mobile Strategy Services Enterprise Mobile Strategy Mobile App Portfolio Mobile App Scoping & Planning IT Readiness for Mobility BYOD and MDM Strategy Innovation through visualization Center of Excellence Creation •  Mobile Advisory Services Mobile Mentoring Executive Education Speaking Engagements •  Managed Services UX Design Mobile App Architecture Onshore and Offshore App Development Mobile App Support and Administration
  4. 4. Eric Carlson: Propelics Partner Eric is a seasoned leader with a keen eye 
 for emerging technologies. He is well 
 respected in both technical and business
 circles, due to his ability to match up the 
 right amount of technology "geekiness" 
 with business understanding to craft truly   @ericjohncarlson   unique solutions. As a seasoned executive, with startups through successful exits to his name, Eric has the experience to advise companies on the discipline and objective approaches that are needed to turn ideas into reality.
  5. 5. Agenda! •  Market Trends & Objectives for 
 Manufacturers Today in Mobile •  Effective Use Cases for Manufacturers •  How to Quickly Establish a Mobile Strategy •  Q&A Missed your topic?! 5
  6. 6. Objective: Present real world examples of mobile in manufacturing. 6
  7. 7. Mobile is creating new opportunities across all functions of manufacturing.
  8. 8. Mobile (adj.): The very recent influx of consumer mobile devices into corporations. The idea that a single handheld can be an infinite number of single purpose-devices in one.
  9. 9. Q: What is driving mobile investigation?
  10. 10. Challenges Expressed by our Customers The “Connected” Buyer “New” buyers finding product, pricing, and references on-line – and making key purchasing decisions without ever speaking to sales 10
  11. 11. Challenges Expressed by our Customers Volatile Demand Consumers and businesses that are less 
 brand loyal and more selective in terms of 
 who they work with 11
  12. 12. Challenges Expressed by our Customers Customized Products Need to be more agile in their ability to 
 support larger product lists with more 
 options available to the market 12
  13. 13. Challenges Expressed by our Customers Compressed Order Lead Times Pressure to produce a product in a 
 shorter period – driving the need for 
 manufacturing efficiencies 13
  14. 14. Challenges Expressed by our Customers Complex and Growing Global Supply Chain Chasing “low cost” manufacturing, creating a 
 new level of complexity & requiring greater visibility to satisfy demand 14
  15. 15. Challenges Expressed by our Customers Increasing Regulation Demand for greater traceability and greater visibility to information, the ability to react 
 faster to conditions, and the ability to show 
 what actions were taken 15
  16. 16. Much of IT spend is aligned to control systems and ERP – 
 process efficiencies and 
 supply chain IT solutions for mobile require an ROI that is tangible, realistic, planned and measurable (this can be difficult) 16
  17. 17. What the Analysts are Saying “Mobile will be the #2 priority of Manufacturing CIOs through 2015”! - Gartner, 2013" 17
  18. 18. Common Starting Points for Mobile in Manufacturing Extending Corporate Systems to Mobile Devices Extending the desktop by utilizing 3rd party applications when available. SAP/Oracle/JDE/Red Prairie, etc. 18
  19. 19. Common Starting Points for Mobile in Manufacturing Extending Corporate Data to Mobile Devices Simple access to SharePoint or other repositories of documents. Documentum for SOPs. 19
  20. 20. Common Starting Points for Mobile in Manufacturing Removing Paper Identify and replace paper based processes with mobile applications. E.g. checklists, audits, QA, QC, etc. “App’ing the Clipboard.” 20
  21. 21. Point of View – The Law of Three
  22. 22. Point of View – The Law of Three
  23. 23. Innovative in process. Mobile from the ground up. Utilize device functionality. Beyond “another screen”.
  24. 24. A Few Use Case Examples.
  25. 25. Common Use Cases for Sales, Resellers and Customers Provide ubiquitous access to product, configurator and fitment information to sales, partners and customers. •  Close the information divide 
 between product, fitment and 
 engineering information and 
 the end user. •  Close the physical divide between 
 the constituent and the location of information. 25
  26. 26. Common Use Cases for Sales, Resellers and Customers •  Simplify Common Orders: •  A single interface to provide product engineering & commercial information (beyond brochures) •  WP, case studies, images, technical, etc. •  Product configuration and personalized pricing •  Availability, restock time, substitutes •  Bundling of “like” products •  Competitor cross-over product information •  Pay on-line and track delivery •  Notifications of shipment & delivery •  Integration with Product Management strategy 26
  27. 27. Common Use Cases for Order Management •  Provide Visibility and Transparency •  Push status changes and delivery date changes to customers •  Provide shipment information and alert on arrival for high priority orders •  Create assets and provide means to manage assets •  Manage Issues Quickly •  Provide ability to create RMA for repair or credit note (images and annotations) 27
  28. 28. Common Use Cases for the Manufacturing Floor •  Methods to Provide More Time On Floor •  Real-time remote monitoring and management of control systems from HMI/SCADA (version 3.0) •  Alarm assessment and repair, inspections •  Single tool to calibrate or measure line or tool settings •  Restock order directly from floor to warehouse •  Ability to escalate issues to team member, ability to comm. within/in-between teams •  Provide Real-Time Notifications •  Real-time exception alerts on KPIs (delays, down equipment, out of stock, etc.) 28
  29. 29. Common Use Cases for Customer Service / After Market •  Find and Understand Equipment and Issue (customer or internal) •  Start service ticket from equipment, capture video/pictures •  Access documentation and training material, view PM history, known faults, recommended service packs/parts •  Provide who to call •  Provide diagnostics to remote support team •  Field Service Standards •  Core CRM abilities including customer master, service history, access to daily dispatch list, parts ordering, escalations, onsite customer onboarding, etc. 29
  30. 30. Common Use Cases for Quality Assurance •  Audit Completeness and Quality •  Simplify the data captured, increase the value of audits •  Images/Videos of concerns •  Access manuals and SOPs •  Action item creation and assignment •  Removal of “double-touch” •  Perform and Capture at the Source •  Perform or validate calibrations on equipment •  Share defects via images •  Create and view notifications based on severity •  Collaboration via video: “Is this an issue?” •  Single QC tool for all employees – retail to manufacturing 30
  31. 31. Common Use Cases for Product Management •  Build Interoperability into the Product •  Allowing customers and servicers quick access to product and service information •  Directly device-to-device (USB, BLE) or cloud-based •  Gather usage / statistics •  Create Stickiness •  Integrated asset management functionality •  Simplicity of service drives in-house service / aftermarket •  Provide an additional channel for upsell •  Notifications of recall / concerns 31
  32. 32. Example: Daily Safety Audit •  150 users, 500/month •  Non-actionable data – filled and filed •  Strong tendency to “App the Form” •  Enhancements: •  •  •  •  User Experience GPS, image capture Annotations, context Differences in status •  Centralized issue 
 •  tracking Measurable decrease in identified occurrences 32
  33. 33. Example: Daily Safety Audit 33
  34. 34. Q: Where should we begin?
  35. 35. Mobile Strategy & Prototype: Approach Stage I: Direction Setting Stage II: Ideation, Assessment, Risk Analysis, Visualization Stage III: Roadmap & Next Steps Business Drivers Use Case identification Innovation Strategy & Alignment Market Opportunity Use Case Risk Analysis App Portfolio Innovation through visualization Business & IT Roadmap Recommend Action Plan
  36. 36. #1. Quantify the Demand and Benefit
  37. 37. Business Drivers and Ideation •  Identification of Scenarios •  Ideation Framework •  •  Simplification of process Elegance in customer interactions •  Reduction of complexity – data, requirements •  Primary Business Value 
 Driver and Actor for each 
 Scenario •  •  •  •  •  •  •  •  Ideation Framework Line Technicians Floor Managers Distribution Logistics QA/QC HR Leadership etc. 37
  38. 38. Scenario Matrix – Ranking Building a Roadmap of Mobile Opportunities! -  Impact to Core Metrics! -  Process Innovation! -  Readiness! -  Level of Effort! 38
  39. 39. #2. Understand Risk
  40. 40. Use Case Risk Assessment Use Case Categorization: Risk Restricted untrusted Business Value Trusted Semi Trusted Business Value Risk Types of Exposure (e.g. User data, financial etc.) Impact of Exposure (e.g. Public perception, legal, financial) Scenario Matrix 40
  41. 41. #3. Understand Your Mobile Maturity
  42. 42. Mobile Maturity Assessment Mobility  Strategy Enterprise Info. Mgmt. IT Delivery & Support Stage 5 Stage 4 Network Infrastructure Stage 3 Policy Governance Stage 2 Policy Definition Stage 1 Device Strategy Security Infrastructure App development platform Mobile Device Mgmt. Platform Telecom Expense Mgmt. Mobile delivery & support Maturity Ranking Mobility Report Card •  Business and Technical Scoring •  Current State Findings 42
  43. 43. #4. Build a Strategy 
 for a Year and Iterate
  44. 44. App Portfolio Scenarios à Groupings à Modules à Applications
 Prioritization of Apps & Functionality! Value, Readiness, Cost! 44
  45. 45. Mobile Strategy: Mobility Roadmap •  IT Roadmap to support 
 the prioritized business
 roadmap •  Prioritized Tactics Mobility Roadmap •  Phased •  IT spend in-line with
 business use cases •  Lower the risk 45
  46. 46. Propelics Kickstarts Mobile App Roadmap Kickstart for Manufacturers Mobile App Scoping & Planning Mobile Center of Excellence Mobile App Rapid Prototyping Propelics Special Offer Free 1 Hour Mobile Advisory Call 888-405-2820 IT Readiness for Mobile Kickstart Prototype Factory 46  
  47. 47. Thank you (Q&A) @propelics
  48. 48. •  Innovation Focus •  Engaging Process •  Mobile Centric •  Experience Across Industries •  Enterprise Solutions •  Advisors, Strategists, Implementers •  Strategy at the Pace of Mobility