How to Build a Successful Mobile Center of Excellence


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It's time to gain control of your mobile efforts.

Who should attend? Business and IT professionals looking for mobile standards, consistency, and best practices.

Creating a successful Enterprise Mobile Strategy is difficult. Creating a successful Enterprise Mobile Strategy without a Mobile Center of Excellence is almost impossible.

Join Adam Bookman, co-Founder of Propelics, to learn how to build a successful mobile center of excellence. This webinar will cover why you should be thinking about a Mobile COE, how to get a Mobile COE off the ground quickly, where it should sit within your organization, and best practices for what services a Mobile COE should offer.

In addition, you will learn:
* Why you need a mobile center of excellence
* Components of a successful mobile center of excellence
* Best practices on how to to quickly get a mobile COE up and running
* Case studies from large and very large companies who have used this methodology for creating their mobile COEs

How to Build a Successful Mobile Center of Excellence

  1. 1. Welcome.Building aSuccessful @propelicsMobile Centerof Excellence Questions, CommentsDecember 6th, 2012 to #mobilestrategy
  2. 2. Propelics Background – About Us • 15+ year track record • Fortune 500 clients • Global experience • 100% focused on mobile for the Enterprise • San Jose, Boston, PittsburghPropelics creates mobile strategies and world classApps for the Enterprise.Trusted by companies like yours: #mobilestrategy 2
  3. 3. What We Do• Enterprise Mobile Strategy Services Enterprise Mobile Strategy Mobile App Portfolio IT Readiness for Mobility BYOD and MDM Strategy Innovation through visualization Center of Excellence Creation• Mobile Advisory Services Mobile Mentoring Executive Education Speaking Engagements• Mobile App Development UX Design Onshore and Offshore App Development
  4. 4. Adam Bookman: Partner - Propelics Adam has been the brains behind many mobile product and program launches. He has advised companies on mobile strategies for Business as well as IT. He continues to be a “Trusted Advisor” to some of the leading brands around the world. Adam is frequent speaker at conferences related to mobile. 4
  5. 5. Agenda• Why You Need a Mobile Center of Excellence• Considerations for your Mobile COE• Components of a Successful Mobile COE• Suggested Approach and Frameworks• Q&A / Next Steps Missed your topic? #mobilestrategy 5
  6. 6. Q:Why do youneed a MobileCenter ofExcellence? 6
  7. 7. Disruptive Change Is YourCompany Ready?
  8. 8. Device Standards #mobilestrategy 8
  9. 9. Apps vs. Web Standards #mobilestrategy 9
  10. 10. Technology StandardsMADP Magic Quadrant MDM Magic Quadrant TEM Magic Quadrant #mobilestrategy 10
  11. 11. Mobility Policies• Device Ownership Policy• Internet Usage Policy• Data Access Policy• Telecommunications Usage Policy• Email Usage Policy• eDiscovery Policy• App Usage Policy• Security Policy• 3rd Party App Usage• Access Control Policy Policy Characteristics Framework #mobilestrategy 11
  12. 12. Mobile Ideation #mobilestrategy 12
  13. 13. Mobile SDLC Mobile TestingMobile UX Guidelines Mobile Web Services #mobilestrategy 13
  14. 14. Mobile COE Coverage Mobile App Dev Platform MDM Apps vs. Web Supported Devices Testing Wireframe / PrototypingVersion Control Mobile Web Services Mobile Innovation Mobile SDLCMobile Policies Help Desk UX Guidelines App Architecture Mobile App Inventory Security App DeploymentBYOD TEM Mobile Analytics Governance
  15. 15. A:If you don’t definemobile standards,others in yourcompany will do so,and you’ll neverconverge. 15
  16. 16. Q:What are the keyconsiderationsfor a successfulMCOE? 16
  17. 17. #1. Define the Reach of the COE
  18. 18. Mobile COE Reach• Business Drivers• IT / Business• Internal / External• Geography• Divisions / LOBs #mobilestrategy 18
  19. 19. Mobile COE Models Propelics has identified three Mobile COE models. It is imperative to clearly define and articulate the depth and breadth of the COE. The Repository Model  A repository of mobile best practices and information on standards, tools, and templates The Coach Model  A competency center to provide mobile expertise and some oversight for the organization The Manager Model  Concentrates on mobile governance responsibilities and may provide the direct management of mobile projects Repository – Coach – Manager Model  An internal consultancy to advise on and govern mobile projects. Has authority to evaluate and monitor mobile projects across  Combination of the attributes associated with the repository, coach, and manager models
  20. 20. #2. Understand the Current State
  21. 21. Maturity Assessment Mobility Strategy Enterprise Info. Mgmt. IT Delivery & Support Policy Definition Stage 3 Stage 5 Stage 1 Stage 2 Stage 4 Mobile Project Governance UX Standards App architecture Mobile App dev. platformMobile Device Mgmt. Platform Maturity Ranking Mobile COE Readiness Telecom Expense Mgmt. Report Card Mobile SDLC • Establish Current State • Define Future State (Minimum, Optimal) 21
  22. 22. #3. Clearly Define the Mobile COEVision, Mission, and Goals
  23. 23. Mobile COE Vision, Mission and Objectives,and Structure• Identify Vision (what we want to become)• Identify Mission (what we do)• Document Short and Long Term Goals and Objectives• Identify Critical Success Factors (CSFs)• Identify Optimal COE Structure to Support Mission
  24. 24. Mobile COE Org StructureAdvice:• Keep it lean• Establish good PMO relationships across teams Security EIM• Together define how mobile will impact / change current processes Marketing Architecture• Key Roles: Mobile COE • COE Lead Finance Branding COE • Technical Architect • Mobile Architect Innovation SDLC • Mobile UX Specialist Testing • Mobile Strategist
  25. 25. #4. Build a COERoadmap – Keep your Time Horizons Short
  26. 26. Mobile COE Roadmap • Actionable steps • Prioritized by value, readiness and cost • Organized into phases - iterative Foundational Short Term Mid/Long Term Future Quick Wins #mobilestrategy 26
  27. 27. Tactical COE Roadmap - Examples Ranking H - High M - Medium L - Low Value Organization al Readiness Complexity #mobilestrategy 27
  28. 28. #5. Get Started ASAP
  29. 29. Avoid the Wild West ofMobile App Development #mobilestrategy 29
  30. 30. 5 Considerations1. Define the Reach of the COE2. Understand the Current State3. Clearly define the Mobile COE Mission, Vision, and Goals4. Build a COE Roadmap – Keep your Time Horizons Short5. Get Started ASAP
  31. 31. Propelics Approach toMobile COE Development 31
  32. 32. Business Drivers Scale Cost Optimization Quality Efficiency Reusability Innovation Mobile Mobile technologybudgetary Mobile direction guidance COE Mobile Mobile sDLC architecture Mobile App Mobile Portfolio Security Mobile COE governance
  33. 33. Typical Mobile COE Launch Stages Step I: Step II: Step III: Step IV: Plan Design Pilot Steady State Initial communicationCOE Charter, Scope Design of COE Definition, Framework, Mobile COE Mobile COECOE Roadmap Standards, Ongoing PILOT and launch Rules of operation plan engagement, Policies, Procedures andMobile COE Personnel Kickstart
  34. 34. Mobile COE Kickstart: PROCESS1 DirectionSetting & scope definition 2 Current 3 4 state COE Vision, Define COE Maturity Objectives & requirements Assessment Structure Roadmap 5 Design Plan & Next Steps COE Design & launch
  35. 35. Propelics Kickstarts Special Offer 20 Hours of mobile Mobile advisory services Center of with the purchase of Excellence a Kickstart Kickstart 888-405-2820 Mobile App MDM/BYOD Mobile App IT Readiness Prototype Roadmap Kickstart Rapid for Mobile Factory Prototyping Kickstart #mobilestrategy 35
  36. 36. • Innovation Focus• Engaging Process• Mobility Centric• Experience Across Industries• Enterprise Solutions• Advisors, Strategists, Implementers• Strategy at the Pace of Mobility
  37. 37. Thank you #mobilestrategy