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Mobile Marketing Guideposts and Glossary


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Overview of mobile marketing planning, and a short glossary of common mobile marketing terms. Companion document to presentation by Maria Zhang for National Ski Areas Association Winter Conferences in Squaw and Killington, January & February 2012.

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Mobile Marketing Guideposts and Glossary

  1. 1. Mobile Marketing Guideposts & Glossary NSAA Winter Conference, Jan-Feb 2012 View NSAA “Marketing in the Mobile Age” slides at Marketing GuidepostsMobile is a powerful tool for you to connect with consumers, and visa versa. It’s personal, immediate,engaging, trackable, and infinitely flexible. You know your customers are already there – how do youdetermine the best way to engage with them?Mobile marketing is like any other marketing: it takes planning, budgeting, promotion, tracking, testing,and adjusting. Where to start?PlanningOnce you have a good plan in place, you can start selecting mobile marketing tools that are a good fit forachieving your goals. First, write down answers to these questions:  What are my mobile objectives?  Who is my mobile customer?  What do they want?  Where, when, how do they want it?Let’s look at each of these in turn.What are my mobile objectives?Are you trying to directly boost revenues? Or is your objective to extend lifetime value of customer withsuperior service, foster loyalty, and build your brand reputation? Perhaps you’re in cost-saving mode andneed to find ways to get more ROI on your marketing dollar?For example, for a ski resort:  Sales: more dollars per guest, more summer guests, boost awareness of kid activities, reduce room inventory  Service: loyalty programs, vertical tracking, helping guests find places  Cost Savings: improving marketing ROI by boosting social referrals or reducing printing costsYou should also assess your constraints. Do you have the people to manage a mobile project, talentedcreatives (in house or agency), smart developers, mobile-ready content, budget money, and the timenecessary to make your mobile initiative successful?Who is my mobile customer?Everyone’s customer is different. How do you segment your customer types? By age, demographic,region they come from? Which profiles are best fit for a mobile marketing campaign? Do they ownsmartphones? (If they are under 13 or over 65, they may not own a mobile phone at all!)What do they want?What is the primary reason your guest visits your destination? What are they looking for?© 2012 Propeld 12-Jan-12 1 Propeld | 1603 116th Avenue NE, Suite 115 | Bellevue, Washington 98004 | | 425-998-8857
  2. 2. For a ski resort, perhaps they want to check their mobile for current ski conditions… for summer activitieslike mountain biking, mountaintop trails, or watersports… for nearby shopping deals… or for social tips onthe best mountain-top restaurants or après-ski bars...Where, when, how do they want it?Are your guests at home, in the planning phase of their trip? Or are they currently visiting your resort rightnow? Can you connect back to them after they depart to encourage a follow-up trip?BudgetingInteractive media may be challenging to learn and adapt to your business, but studies show that thesmarter interactive marketers achieve a higher return on invested capital than companies with less digitalsavvy. And traditional media – especially magazines and newspapers – are still receiving too large aproportion of overall marketing budget relative to the time consumers are spending with digital mediaincluding mobile.Lots of factors complicate decisions on how much to spend on interactive versus traditional media. Wewon’t prescribe a proportion, let alone a specific dollar value you should dedicate to mobile. However,know that the best brands in the US are spending 5-25% of their interactive budgets on mobile.PromotionEspecially in the case of mobile apps and web sites, you need to promote them to increase awarenessand use. You can reach digital consumers with a notice on your web site, Facebook and Twitter updates,email, text, banners, and sponsorships of other sites and apps. But don’t forget traditional promotion aswell: call center scripts, in packaging, cashier booths, store windows, broadcast, billboards, etc.TrackingMake sure to take periodic snapshots of your key performance indicators to assess your reach,conversion, and loyalty. Depending on your goals and programs, you might be tracking impressions,clicks, downloads, registrations, purchases, coupon redemptions, unique visits, time per visit, visitfrequency likes, emails, tweets, or locations.Develop a tracking dashboard – a spreadsheet or dynamic web page that pulls data from across all yourcampaigns and compares traditional and digital campaign metrics. For example, you might comparereach across subscriptions, ad impressions, page views, and Facebook followers; interest across bothclicks and inbound calls; and leads via direct mail responses and web registrations. Evaluate the relativeperformance of each campaign and analyze the ROI.TestingThe great thing about digital media is it’s relatively cheap and easy to do A/B testing on just about anyvariable to optimize your results. You can test images, headlines or body copy, offers, layouts, mediaplacement, paid search terms. Try A against B and see which performs best.AdjustingAs you move forward, listen to your test results, review your goals, and tweak.© 2012 Propeld 12-Jan-12 2 Propeld | 1603 116th Avenue NE, Suite 115 | Bellevue, Washington 98004 | | 425-998-8857
  3. 3. Mobile GlossaryCommon acronyms, buzzwords, and AKAs.3G, 4G, LTE. Shorthand for broadband mobile CRM. Customer Relationship ManagementInternet. Carriers have various names for their software, a central location for storing contact,wireless technologies, all networks having marketing, and sales data on individualdifferent reach and speeds. prospects and customers.Alerts. Time-sensitive, opt-in notifications CSC. Common Short Code. Often used for callpushed to users via apps, SMS, MMS. to action on SMS campaigns, “text to 12345.”API. Application Programming Interface. Used CTR. Click Through Rate measures engineers to connect various specializedservices into apps and sites, for example Feature Phone. Basic mobile phone for calling,location data, payment systems, or CRM usually with no Internet connectivity.connections. Geofence. A bounded area that triggers aApp Store. Distribution mall for apps. Big ones notification as the mobile user passes throughowned by Apple, Google, Amazon. the fence. For example, a nearby deal.Apps. Short for mobile applications – programs Geolocation. See GPS.that run on a smartphone or tablet. GPS. The GPS (global positioning system) inAugmented Reality. Displaying geo-located your mobile phone provides latitude andinformation directly in a mobile camera longitude data to applications by reading yourviewfinder, like real-time directions, or virtual location via satellite.signage. Handset. Phone hardware – an iPhone, Droid,Barcodes. Mobile barcodes are similar to Galaxy, etc.product SKU barcodes – scan it to receive a HTML5. Hypert Text Markup Language 5. Latestmarketing response. Usually direct consumers web standard permits rich features within webto mobile web pages, videos, apps, etc. and mobile web applications. Possible uses inBig Data. Mining into huge mountains of cross-platform app development, withheterogeneous data, looking for patterns, and limitations.extracting nuggets of insight for businesses and Landing. Web page where a user is sent uponindividual consumers. tapping screen.Carrier. AT&T, Verizon, Sprint, T-Mobile, Telus. LBS. Location based services that use mobileCloud. Services and storage running on Internet GPS data to inform maps, search results, orservers, not local computers or phones. marketing offers.CPC. Cost per Click – ad rate paid on user MMS. Multi-Media Message. Like SMS (texting),action. but for video or audio.CPM. Cost per Thousand – ad rate paid on Native App. Optimized for a particular mobilenumber of impressions. platform: Android, iOS, Windows, Blackberry.© 2012 Propeld 12-Jan-12 3 Propeld | 1603 116th Avenue NE, Suite 115 | Bellevue, Washington 98004 | | 425-998-8857
  4. 4. NFC. Near Field Communication – a mobile UGC. User Generated Content. Photos, reviews,phone close to a reader to do payment, social shares used in your sites and apps.ticketing, rewards, coupons, etc. URL. Uniform Resource Locator. Usually, thisNPII. Non-Personally Identifiable Information. just means “location of a web page,” but it canMetrics and stats tied to a single user, but not mean the link to an image, video, or other file onenough detail to associate an identity to the the Internet.user. WOM. Word of Mouth. Often used as shorthandOS. Operating Systems. Largest smartphone for social media.operating systems are Google Android andApple iOS, with Blackberry, Windows Phone, A much longer and more detailed glossary isand others holding a much smaller share. available at Mobile Marketing Association, Codes. Quick Response codes. SeeBarcodes.SEM. Search Engine Marketing. Buying yourway up the results with a paid ad.SEO. Search Engine Optimization. The scienceof making web pages rank higher in Google,Bing, Yahoo, and other search engines.Smartphone. Mobile phone plus mini-computerfor Internet-connected applications like email,calendar, web browsing.SMS. Short Messaging Service. Another namefor texting.Social. Facebook, Twitter, and other servicesthat connects contacts.SoLoMo. Buzzword for Social-Mobile-Location,three key converging marketing trends.Tablet. Apple iPad, Samsung Galaxy, and othersmall, portable devices that connect to theInternet wirelessly. Counts often include readerslike Amazon Kindle. Tablets Generally usedmore for media consumption andcommunication more than creation andproductivity.Texting. Instant messaging via phone.Somewhere between a phone call and email oncommunications continuum – immediate butnon-interruptive.© 2012 Propeld 12-Jan-12 4 Propeld | 1603 116th Avenue NE, Suite 115 | Bellevue, Washington 98004 | | 425-998-8857