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The Applications of Big Data Analytics in the Airlines Industry

This presentation covers how customer data is collected by Airlines, the potential applications of the data and practical examples.

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The Applications of Big Data Analytics in the Airlines Industry

  1. 1. The Applications of Big Data Analytics in the Airline industry
  2. 2. Traditionally Airlines have been very good data collection, since they have always been flooded with data. Airlines and Big Data
  3. 3. Now that the costs of storing and processing data have significantly reduced—even as airlines collect more data—it’s becoming easier for them to act on it. Less Cost, More Analytics
  4. 4. For majority of the airlines, the first problem lies in bringing together segregated silos of passenger information—booking information from transaction systems, web and mobile behavior (including searches, visits, abandoned carts), email data, customer service info, etc.—to create a single, centralized view of the customer The Pain Point
  5. 5. Applications of Big Data
  6. 6. Performance benchmarking, competitive analysis, and predictive analytics
  7. 7. Real-time analytics to optimize of flight schedules, fleet management and crew allocation
  8. 8. Pricing, revenue management, demand modeling, forecasting, and risk analysis
  9. 9. Inventory management, tracking resources, and maintenance planning
  10. 10. Combating cyber security threats by leveraging data- driven models and frameworks
  11. 11. Adherence to regulatory compliance
  12. 12. Building Customer loyalty, customer value creation and implementation of new customer services
  13. 13. Practical Use Cases
  14. 14. Delta Airlines had all the tracking data available via the use of hand-held baggage scanners used at passenger check-in.
  15. 15. They used this data as the first major airline to launch an application allowing customers to track their bags from their mobile devices which has been downloaded more than 11 million times.
  16. 16. Southwest Airline uses aggregated, anonymous customer data to promote products, services, and featured offers to customers on multiple channels, devices, and websites including
  17. 17. By observing and looking into customer behaviors and actions online, they were able to offer the travelers the best rates and experiences possible. This data is also used to nurture the relationship with customers.
  18. 18. For example, they look at the city pairs that are being searched to determine what type of service should be provided on a specific route.
  19. 19. In case of Norwegian airline Wideroe, a single customer view built via customer data allows agents in the call center to understand the full history of the customer—not just the customer service history, but also their recent visits to the website or promotional emails they’ve opened.
  20. 20. Airlines have a great opportunity to create data-driven virtual travel assistant that knows what customers need before they do by combining data with mobile—helping people through airports, in-destination, encompassing the whole travel period.
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