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Right time to start Web Crawling


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Growth and competition are two key factors that can boost or stall a company from achieving success. The rate at which the corporate world has grown shows tremendous potential to absorb a new venture and let it thrive. Web Crawling has stepped up the corporate world game by making ready to use data backed insights available easily.

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Right time to start Web Crawling

  1. 1. Right Time to Start Web Crawling The life cycle of an enterprise and the role of Big Data
  2. 2. The Highway to Success Competition Growth Success The shortest route to success ensures staying ahead of the competition and achieving an accelerating growth rate year on year.
  3. 3. Some Pain Areas of Starting a business  Market Research  Product / Service operation development  Competitive Pricing  Strategic Positioning  Brand Monitoring  Demand Supply Gap  Accurate Data Acquisition
  4. 4. Big Data is a Crucial Drug to be monitored in Small Doses, in all phases of a Business Life cycle
  5. 5. The Business Life Cycle Conception Survival GrowthTake Off Maturity
  6. 6. Conception Phase  Research all your options well before setting out on a idea  Ideation requires extensive research and domain knowledge for which you would require data and information  Structured Data could help you realize the demand supply gap in the market and gauge the threat to new market entry well before in advance  Big Data could help foresee the coming challenges and prepare counter plan to overcome them
  7. 7. Survival Phase  Starting a new business is no easy task  Operations Issues  Management and Team Issues  Almost depleted resources  Negligible inflow of orders  Scrape Job Boards to hire the right fit employee who could boost your productivity and is a right fit for your team  Send out crawl requests to validate your website paths and any server issues
  8. 8. Growth Phase  By now you must have succeeded in building a bond of trust with your potential customer base Now is the time to Expand!  Find out new Business Channels  Well researched Segmentation and Targeting for prospective clients  Brand monitoring and building via Twitter Sentiment Analysis
  9. 9. Take Off Phase  Now brace yourself for an imminent successful growth at a set acceleration  Sustainable growth requires effort and investment  Monitor competitive changes, price modulations or upcoming new product designs that could be a future threat to your company  Acquire ready to use sets of structured data for in house analytics to decide the future direction and strategy of your firm  Stay ahead of the competitive price curve
  10. 10. Maturity Phase  All that number crunching and data shuffling got you tired?  By now we believe you have grown into a full-fledged corporate firm with multiple business centres and a brand name that could endure all odds  But it is still not time to end your start up story  It is time to ideate newer products or offerings, create new business relationships, acquire more customers and keep working on your old product/service to make it better  Data can never be far away from your mind
  11. 11. Conclusion…  Be it any stage of business or any part of your growth cycle, it is never too late to crawl and extract big data from multiple sources for your competitive advantage.  Data in today’s time has become the fine line of distinction between a winning business and an investment loss.
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