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Growth hacking has changed the rules of the new generation marketing, it is also termed as a Lean marketing, yet it is more than that.
This presentation gives you the deep insights about Growth Hacking and its implementation

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A Definitive guide to Growth Hacking | PromptCloud

  1. 1. GROWTH HACKING by PromptCloud
  2. 2. Growth Hacking? Growth hacking is a marketing technique developed by technology start-ups which uses creativity, analytical thinking, and social metrics to sell products and gain exposure. Growth hacking has changed the rules of the new generation marketing, it is also termed as a
  3. 3. What is growth hacking?  It is a funnel that with the help of strong technical skills, Innovative Marketing hacks and the ability to track results helps grow the subscriber base in small time
  4. 4.  Product management  Direct marketing  Brand marketing and  Engineering Core Concept
  5. 5. The New Philosophy “Growth hackingis more of amind-set thanatool” -- Aaron Ginn -(He ad o f g ro wth Stum ble upo n)  Growth hacking is a growing philosophy for marketing in start-ups and their key automation.  The data-driven experiments and online tactics make potential target audience.
  6. 6. Growth Hacking for Start-up  For start-ups growth hacking should focus on the types of growth favoured: the slow solid growth or the express unsustainable growth.  The challenge for a growth hacker is to find the right product-market that fits and work towards achieving the desired manner of growth.
  7. 7.  The slow growth comes from SEO and Social sharing's  The rapid growth comes from campaigns, activities and other temporary
  8. 8.  Growth hacking returns are far more than the investment.  You can use coupons, discounts and other gimmicks for customer acquisition.  The slower and stable growth gives you more traction RO I
  9. 9. Growth hacking techniques  It mainly rely on analytics and data to get better insights.  The advantage over competition is more if organic search and SEO and SEM is right. An e xpe rt growth hacker should be able to answer the following questions:  what the customer wants  where he is
  10. 10. Where do I get answers?  Organic search is one way to answer these questions.  Sharable content also helps boost customer base.  Google trends or social media searching makes life easy in this case since your audience directly tell you what it is they are
  11. 11.  The Social media standing and are treated as an influence in your own right.  Contribute relevant topics across to web and backtracking it to your site also creates SEO value  Do not spam  Engagement is the key in growth hacking
  12. 12. Conclusion  Typically Lean start-ups can take the most advantage of growth hacking if there is a bigger picture in mind and the wise should know to grow not just vertically, but horizontally as well.
  13. 13. Visit  http://blog.promptcloud.com/2014/06/growth-hacking-part-i.html  http://blog.promptcloud.com/2014/06/growth-hacking-techniques-part-2.html For more information
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