13 reasons for using email marketing for your company


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  • Many small businesses have come to realize the potential of the online media as a marketing channel, mainly because it's one of the most measurable and affordable one. Consequently, social media became a buzzword among businesses who were following the herd, without caring much about whether a matchexisted between their audiences and their potential client base. For instance, if you are in the B2B sector, it does not make much sense to devote significant resources to Facebook marketing.On the other hand, email is one oft-ignored channel of formally reaching out to your potential customers with minimal intrusion. Here we have tried to explore the reasons why email marketing can work for your business and also why you should prioritize it above social media.
  • 1. It's cost-effectiveMost of the email programs in the market today are cheap (some are even free) and thus have a higher ROI than the traditional media channels. Also, in the absence of a minimum threshold on size of the intended audience, it's a preferred choice for businesses having a niche market.2. It's easily traceable Most of the popular email programs allow you to track metrics such as mail open rate, bounce rate, Call to Action (CTA) conversions, social media interaction instances etc. 3. Requires minimal effort to set upUnlike most other channels, setting up email marketing accounts and campaigns require the least amount of effort, especially in comparison to social media networks where a lot of time is spent on setting up the account & understanding the different systems.
  • 4. Can be personalizedEven with ever-evolving interfaces, it's almost impossible to personalize your messages according to your recipient on social networks. However, using emails one can easily modify any field of info in order to show a personalized email to every other user.5. A useful tool for customer educationIf you are into a very specialized business or use a sophisticated level of tech, you must be aware of the importance of customer education. It can be very difficult to communicate through media other than email to educate your customer about complicated products or systems. Emails can afford you the luxury of being as lucid as you want while drafting, so that you can get your message across unambiguously.6. It can be automated Email marketing allows you to schedule campaigns so that you can update your audiences at the right time. It's more helpful to companies having clients spread across different time zones. Scheduling periodic campaigns every week/fortnight/month can be more effective as it streamlines the process rather than just appearing ad hoc.
  • 7. Requires lesser effort on the customer's partConversions are swifter as the channel that the customer chooses to respond through is the same as the channel of communication, thus requiring no extra effort to inquire more, or to make a purchase.8. Leads to a shorter sales cycleThe effectiveness of an email campaign can be measured in just 1-2 days as compared to a few weeks or months in case of other direct marketing channels, which in turn leads to shorter sales cycles.9. It can boost your sales figuresAlthough it doesn't have to look like a spammy sales letter,  using emails as a way to reach out to yourleads whenever there is a special offer, pricing or contest can give your business faster conversions.
  • 10. It can complement your segmentation strategyCan you deliver a different message to different sects of customers using social media? Well, this is where email marketing proves to be different from the typical one-to-many social networks.11. Has a greater attention span and a longer shelf lifeAn email upon being opened has a greater possibility of grabbing the customer's attention as the number of emails one normally reads is greater than social media updates that he/she comes across. Also, the number of emails competing for a customer's set of eyeballs is far lower than social media updates beckoning them.12. You are in control of the designWhile drafting an email campaign, you don't have to worry about the number of characters, or the format of the media that you need to attach. You are the master of your campaign's design in every way and can do whatever you like with it to make your emails more interactive compelling, and informative.13. Garnering FeedbackIt's possible that customers are hesitant to post feedback on public forums, while they may choose to reply to your mail campaigns. This can promote a healthy feedback mechanism without affecting your brand image.Email is without a doubt, a great way to connect, but unfortunately it has garnered a lot of bad reputation due to misuse at the hands of spammers. Though it still works well for companies who are building their own opt-in lists gradually.
  • 13 reasons for using email marketing for your company

    1. 1. 13 Reasons Why your Business should Use Email Marketing PromptCloud.com © PromptCloud 2013, All rights reserved.
    2. 2. Who should be using Email Marketing? • Businesses who are in the B2B market • Where a formal communication channel is necessary • Businesses who have tried and failed in social media Read on to find out why your business should use email marketing. © PromptCloud 2013, All rights reserved.
    3. 3. 13 Reasons for using Email Marketing • It’s cost-effective – Most email providers are cheap/free, leading to a higher ROI. • It’s easily traceable – Metrics such as open rate, bounce rate, CTA conversions, social media interaction etc. are helpful in keeping tabs. • Requires minimal effort to set up – As a marketing channel, unlike social media, it’s easier to understand and to launch campaigns. © PromptCloud 2013, All rights reserved.
    4. 4. 13 Reasons for using Email Marketing (Contd.) • Can be personalized – It’s almost impossible to personalize your message on one-to-many social media networks, while email allows • A useful tool for customer education – Specialized businesses and sophisticated tech product businesses know how important customer education is. Email allows you to be as comprehensive while explaining those complicated systems. • It can be automated - Email enables you to reach clients from different time zones at their suitable times, as messages can be scheduled to be sent later © PromptCloud 2013, All rights reserved.
    5. 5. 13 Reasons for using Email Marketing (Contd.) • Leads to a shorter sales cycle – Effectiveness of campaigns can be measured within 1-2 days unlike other direct marketing efforts where this gestation period could be in weeks or months. • Requires lesser effort on the customer’s part - As the channel of responding is same as the initial channel for reaching out, responses can be made with a single click and no extra effort is required. © PromptCloud 2013, All rights reserved.
    6. 6. 13 Reasons for using Email Marketing (Contd.) • It can boost your sales figures – Gives faster conversions if carefully-crafted campaigns having special offers, pricing or contests are sent. • It can complement your segmentation strategy – With emails you can deliver different messages to different sects of prospective clients © PromptCloud 2013, All rights reserved.
    7. 7. 13 Reasons for using Email Marketing (Contd.) • You are in control of the design – Unlike social media, here you decide the no. of characters, as well as the kind and amount of media that goes into the mailer and the overall design of the email. • Has a greater attention span and a longer shelf life – Emails are lesser in no. than the no. of social media updates that one comes across © PromptCloud 2013, All rights reserved.
    8. 8. Thank You. You can view the full blog post here. Follow us on Twitter and Facebook. © PromptCloud 2013, All rights reserved.