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10 Mobile App Ideas that can be Fueled by Web Scraping

We discuss various applications of web crawling and alternate data to fuel 10 potential mobile apps. The ideas range from reverse image search engine powered AI to voice of customer in ecommerce domain.

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10 Mobile App Ideas that can be Fueled by Web Scraping

  1. 1. 10 Mobile App Ideas that can be Fueled by Web Scraping
  2. 2. Mobile Applications are flooding the app-stores and new apps with simplistic designs and innovative ideas are taking over the top positions almost every week.
  3. 3. At the same time, web scraping is being used far and wide, to obtain data, to boost businesses and make critical decisions on the basis of something more than just a hunch.
  4. 4. So, let’s explore some mobile app ideas that use web scraping as their fuel, i.e., they are driven by web scraping.
  5. 5. Brand Value Analysis App
  6. 6. Data extracted from social media pages and public review sites can be used to find which companies fare better in the public eye. The score the can be used as a metric to help consumers track how big companies are performing.
  7. 7. Customer Reviews App for electronics
  8. 8. An app that has electronic goods arranged like in e- commerce sites, but on clicking on a product, user will actually be able to see the product reviews on various web pages. This can help buyers make an informed decision.
  9. 9. Movie Recommendation and link provider app
  10. 10. An application that can actually tell you which streaming company of the many available has the movie that you are searching for, would be great.
  11. 11. News aggregator and linked article map engine
  12. 12. Would it not be amazing if you could discover articles from several news portals and links to related articles.
  13. 13. Book recommendation engine
  14. 14. A book recommendation engine may ask you different things and based on the parameters, can recommend you a book for the day. It can even ask you about your mood, check the weather, the time of the day, and accordingly suggest you a book.
  15. 15. Reverse Image Search Engine
  16. 16. A reverse image search engine that will take the input image from the app and show similar image. Pro tip: Explore Amazon’s Rekognition API to identify the objects, people, text, scenes, and activities, as well as detect any inappropriate content.
  17. 17. Price List Downloader
  18. 18. A web scraping application, that can use the brand name provided by user to find publicly available price lists by not just scraping the web but also pdf pages linked to websites, might become absolutely unique.
  19. 19. Research data finder
  20. 20. Although research papers may not always be public data, often parts of research, and databases might be available publicly for people to reuse. Putting it all together in the form of a single application, where researchers can fill in certain fields and get the best possible results might prove to be a boon!
  21. 21. News story background finder
  22. 22. Users can input a new article link and app would get the article topic and showcase the additional news links which can provide potential background information on that particular news.
  23. 23. Movie quotes finder
  24. 24. Be it a blog post or a speech, a quote from a popular character is bound be a home run. An application that can find the perfect quote for you once you provide the type of movies you are looking for, the heading of the article/speech you need it for, and the median audience age, can actually be used by writers around the world to boost their articles.
  25. 25. A pioneer is custom and large-scale web data extraction. |