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Pro-Motions Media Kit


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Pro-Motions is a social media marketing consultant company specializing in social media, SEO, web based networking, digital marketing, and other web related services.

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Pro-Motions Media Kit

  1. 1. MEDIA KIT
  2. 2. About Our Company Pro-Motions is an organization specializing in Social MediaMarketing Solutions. Our mission is to utilize the latest social media tools and technologies in order to help our clients establish a strong online presence, and spread their message to over50 MillionPotential Customers Daily. At Pro-motions, our staff is fluent in allcutting-edge social mediaservices techniques and tricks. We use services such as: Facebook + ADs, Twitter, Youtube, Google+, Blogger,Paypal, Stumble-Upon, Reddit, Search Engine Optimization+Submissions, and many others to create a network of online cornerstones all inter-connected to provide our clients customers with up-to-date information, services, promotions,and other useful knowledge, as well to attract new customers, and create a broader channel for information distribution. With optimally priced packages, we deliver a valuable service, which in this day and age, is mandatory for any serious business.
  3. 3. Why You Need Social Media •One in every nine people on Earth is on Facebook •Each Facebook user spends on average 15 hours and 33 minutes a month on the site •More than 2.5 million websiteshave integrated with Facebook•93% of social media users believe a company should have a presence in social media. 85% of which believe that the company should interact with their customers •51% of active Twitter users follow companies, brands or products on social networks •78% of consumerstrust peer recommendations, where as only 14% of people trust advertisements •99% of online retailers plan to have a Facebook page by 2011 and 91% plan to have a Twitter page •44% of Twitter users have recommended a product •28% of U.S. shoppers said Social Media influenced their holiday purchases •Over 40% of people have “friended” a brand onFacebook
  4. 4. Demographics
  5. 5. Demographics
  6. 6. Services There are several packages available in order to satisfy our customers on any budget. Each package comes with a Facebook Page, a Twitter Account, a Gmail Account, a Blog, Social Networking Aggregator Submissions, and a variety of other services applicable to your business. All pages andaccounts are fully customizable to our client’s specifications. Once these accounts are created, we utilize our expertise to manage, promote, uphold, and update them at regular intervals. Our clients receive monthly updates on all activity concerningtheir profile pages (Demographics, Participation, Ad Efficiency, Etc.) We also offer Social Media Aggregator Submissions to hundreds of the topsocial media aggregators, Search Engine Optimization, Strategic Facebook Ad placement, and other social media related promotional services.
  7. 7. How It WorksWe create a Custom Social Media Network Hub based around your central website or onlinestore. Potential Clients and Customers can access all social media networks from your website as well as access your website and all other social media networks from each separate profile. YOUR WEBSITE We help you target and interact with the public to attract customers and clients and establish brand loyalty for your company, product, or service.
  8. 8. Click Icons For Examples Every package receives a Facebook Profile page: This page includes a Logo, information about your business, contact information and links, and Pictures, Videos, User Polls, interactive Media, updates about services, products, promotions, and/or coupons. Every package receives a Twitter Profile page: This page includes a Logo, a small paragraph about your company, Pictures, Videos and continuous updates on products, services, and promotion/coupons. As well as updates about operations and other information for customers and clients. Every package receives a Blog Page: Here, we place a header logo, All general information about your company, Pictures, Videos, Articles Relevant to Your Companies Field, Promotional Flyers, Coupons, and other information for customers, clients or fans. These Blogs are then submitted to hundreds of Directories and Social Media Aggregators, gaining almost immediate attention toward all of your profiles. Every package receives a LinkedIn Company, with a Logo, information about your Business, either specific or general, and the ability to network with other companies and professionals in the same field, and potential clients and customers. Every package receives a YouTube account: Here, We upload your logo, information about your company, updates on new services, and ANY VIDEO CONTENT YOU MAY HAVE OR MAY FILM AT ANY POINT. All commercials, promo-spots, and other video amterials can be included on this site. Videos from your youtube profile will later be posted to you Facebook, Twitter, Blog, and Linked In Accounts. ALL ACCOUNTS AND PROFILES ARE LINKED THROUGH ONE EMAIL: YOURCOMPANY@GMAIL.COM. THE REASON WE HAVE CHOSEN GMAIL IS THAT IT PROVIDES A LARGE AMOUNT OF STORAGE SPACE(OVER 7G) AT NO CHARGE.
  9. 9. Social Media Optimization Package •1 Facebook Fan Page (Custom Design) •1 Gmail Account • 1 Twitter Profile (Custom Background) •1 Blog Page (Custom Design) • 1 LinkedIn Company Profile • 1 Youtube Channel (Custom Design) • at least 4 updates on all profiles every week • Submission of all content to all applicable online directories • Monthly User statistics (Demographic, Activity, Interaction). •All Profiles are all inter-connected to create an online presence hub. $500 initial fee (Creation, registration, Design, First Month’s Service) $200/Month At least 1 High Content update a week on all profiles/Basic Monthly Statistics. $250/Month At Least 3 High Content updates on all profiles/Interactive Engaging profile Content posts/Intermediate Monthly Statistics.$300/Month At Least 5 High Content updates on all profiles/Interactive Engaging profile Content posts/Highly Specific Monthly Statistics.
  10. 10. Other PackagesOnline Transaction Optimization•Integration of online transaction methods for any website/profile•Establishing a PayPal Account.•Establishing an online retail store•100% Safe +Effective Money Transactions.•Linking all social media profiles with online retail site.$600 One Time Fee Search Engine Optimization•Let your business appear on the top pages of all popular search engines.•Raise The search engine Rank of your website.•Restructure your website to hold more searchable content•Optimize Keywords•Relink, Backlink, and Reword content to be Search Engine Efficient.$300/Month Per Site/Profile/Content
  11. 11. Contact Phone: 1(646) 436-1542 Website: Twitter:@ProMotionsNY Blog:KnowYourNetwork.Blogspot.comLinkedIn: