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What are the best stocks to buy


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What are the best stocks to buy

  1. 1. ==== ====For More Information, Please Go to: ====I can just hear people screaming "tell me the best stocks to buy right now!" They want to know,and they want to know in this instant. They not only want to know before anyone else, but theywant to buy the stock the minute after you or someone else tells them. My friends, that is not theway to buy stock. You cannot rush out on some hot tip and make money on a couple stocks to buynow.The people that demand the best stocks to buy right now are an interesting sort. They say theywant to buy stock now, but really as soon as they do that, they want to sell. They are driven moreso by emotion then common sense, and if they had the chance to measure themselves up againsta superior comptition, they would do it instantly, and quickly claim they werent as good because ofsome excuse, or the other people cheated or its not fair. If you want the best stocks to buy rightnow, please just take a deep breath for a second. Roll your eyes up just towards your forhead andsoften your attitude. Doing this will put your mind in a alpha state instead of your hyper active betastate. Now perhaps you will listen and realize that everything is okay, theres no rush, and life willgo on. Things will slow down and the best stocks to buy right now can be put off until later. Askyourself, if they were really that good, wouldnt they continue to go up for years and years?For those that want to follow the hot tip to make money, the only way that will work is if otherpeople follow that same tip and rush in just after you do, and you sell it right away. If you are a daytrader, you may be able to trade news like that, but Im telling you the fees will eat you alive. Thinkabout it, $7 to buy a stock $7 to sell a stock (with scottrade one of the more popular brokeragefirms). Now if every day you buy and sell a stock, thats 365*14 or $5110 a year that youll belosing on fees alone. You would have to trade very very well to beat that, and most likely, its justnot going to happen unless you have a very large account. The best stocks to buy right now arentneccesarily the best stocks to buy in 1 month. Theres always the "flavour of the week" Even if youdid, wouldnt you rather just have the same results without all the fees?Okay, so now that youre in the alpha state and not the beta state, you might actually be able todetermine the best stocks to buy right now. As always, it depends on your time perspective. If youare willing to be a contrarian, you can buy beaten down stocks that others sell and continue to buyit as it goes lower. Or you can buy neglected stocks that already have been beaten down and arenow forgotten. Or if you are a short term investor, you might want to buy breakouts. Or perhapsyou want to focus on the fundamentals, and focus on stocks that will do better due to inflation. Thepoint is, you cant just identify the best stocks to buy right now, without knowing what works foryou. Actually, if you react based on emotions, perhaps nothing will work for you unless you havesome rules that keep you in check.The golden rule of investing is that stocks that go up, wont continue to go up forever, stocks thatgo down wont continue to go down forever. That doesnt mean stocks cant go to zero, or that they
  2. 2. wont over a long period of time continue to go up large amounts, but just understand that changehappens. In any given moment a different sector is in a different cycle. Now the cycles say thatinflation will occur. You go from stage of deflationary fears to printing money, to printing too muchmoney, to needing to spend that money, to that money flowing until theres no places for it to flowto, to other countries losing faith in the dollar with all the printing and they sell, to a panic amongother owners of the doller. So I still think gold, silver, oil, and shipping stocks are best to own rightnow. Thats just an opinion, but I think that inflation will continue, and commodities will rise invalue. There certainly could be a deflationary panic at some time that could hit hard, but that wouldonly be an opportunity to capitalize on the coming inflation that will be a serious problem.Technically gold silver oil arent necessarily best STOCKS to buy right now because theyrecommodities. But if I would have to guess, I would say that theres more value in thosecommodities than most stocks, and if you need some of the best stocks, you should look for thenames that do well in inflationary periods.If you really want to find the best stocks to buy now, you will have to understand how companiesdo in different environments and understand which environment were currently in. Then you haveto be able to screen down stocks from a list of thousands, and once you have a handful manuallylook at the numbers to decide which stocks are the best to buy right now. Without knowing whatyoure doing, this process can take quite awhile. The best stock investors, will not buy stock untilthey know for sure, and that means that they will take there time. Therefore the best stocks to buyright now will still be good buys a week from now, so theres not need to rush.The best stocks to buy right now, arent necessarily worth buying unless you have taken the timeto confirm that the stocks are worth it. You shouldnt rush into a decision. If you understand thecycles, and know how to read a financial statement finding the best stocks to buy now can beworth doing.Article Source: ====For More Information, Please Go to: ====