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Using the ipad

  1. 1. ==== ====Important information many people dont know about, Click Link: ====Just got your new iPad and wonder why the battery ran out so fast? Normally an iPad should lastapproximately 10 hours on a single charge. Of course, playing videos or any related heavy usagewill likely drain the battery faster than just reading an ebook, so your actual battery life may varydepending on how you use your iPad. But there are many ways you can minimize power usage,thereby extending the daily life of your battery.Like all batteries, your iPads battery will eventually wear out, but by then youll probably have anew iPad model anyway. Let go through some of the ways how you can conserve your iPadbattery.Recharging an iPad - There are two ways to recharge your iPad. If you want to use your iPadwhile its recharging, plug its USB cable and adapter into an electric outlet. This is also the fastestway to recharge your iPad. On the other hand, you can also plug your iPad into a computers USBoutlet to recharge it.Some computers with high-powered USB outlets will let you use your iPad as it charges. But if youplug the iPad into your computer and try to use it, you may see a "Not Charging" notice near thebattery indicator. This indicates that your computers USB outlet is not high-powered, and that youcannot use the iPad as it is charging.Turning Off Wi-Fi and 3G - If you are heavy Internet users, perhaps you should leave your Wi-Fi tobe turned on all the time. It will be even require more energy and drains your iPads battery fasterif iPad uses cellular phone network, which is the standard configuration of every iPad.Turning Off Push Accounts - One of the unique feature of iPad is the Push service. If you have asupported Push Account e-mail accounts, such as, your email server can deliver newmessages to your iPad automatically, so you dont require to check your emails manually. Ofcourse, by doing this also mean that your iPad consume more battery. So rule of thumb, turn offyour iPads Push Accounts.Turning Off Location Services - Another fancy feature of iPad, that used by some iPad apps, suchas the Maps app, rely on the Global Positioning System (GPS) and triangulation of cellular phonetowers to identify the physical location of your iPad. If it knows your physical location in the world,an iPad app can help you to find any nearest restaurants, banks, convenience stores, gas stationetc. Unfortunately, Location Services burns up battery energy. If you dont need this type ofservice, you can turn it off to reduce power consumption.Turning Off Blue tooth - Blue tooth is primarily used to connect an iPad wireless to a headset orkeyboard. If you dont use Blue tooth devices such as an external keyboard, turning off Blue tooth
  2. 2. can save power and increase your iPads battery life.Beside all the above tips, you may also want to consider these additional ideas for conservingpower.1. The simplest way to conserve battery power is to turn your iPad off every time if you dont use it.2. You can always invest in a battery pack even the iPads battery can last for approximately 10hours.3. Invest in solar panel that can use to recharge your iPad.In conclusion, you should able to enjoy your iPad without any out of battery power issue if youcombine both conservation techniques with additional power sources such as battery pack or solarpanel.The author is freelance article writer for nearly 3 years. He is not only specialize in man fashion,you can also check out his latest reviews on Industrial Water Pumps as well as Water BoosterPumps which commonly used in industrial or home.Article Source: ====Important information many people dont know about, Click Link: ====