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Stocks and stocks


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Stocks and stocks

  1. 1. ==== ====For More Information, Please Go to: ====OK so youve heard about penny stocks and how the returns can be staggering. However,investing, especially penny stock investing, is NOT a get rich quick scheme. This is real businessthat some of the worlds richest and most powerful people use every day to earn a fortune.So what exactly are Penny Stocks and how can you make money trading them?Penny stocks are those priced at $5 per share or lower, not issued by an investment advisor suchas a closed-end fund, and not listed on a national exchange. They are usually issued by smallercompanies, which get little or no analyst attention or other market notice. Penny stocks are thosestocks that are price under $5. Many people think that penny stocks are micro caps withcapitalization of less than $250 million and this means that they are capable of creating wealth.Penny Stocks are stocks that usually trade below $5 per share. Sometimes these stocks are soldfor just a fraction of a cent.Penny stocks are extremely cheap to purchase and they have a small chance of delivering anextremely high return on investment. But, more than likely, penny stocks simply are a high riskinvestment gamble in which you lose money. Penny stocks are speculative securities of very smallcompanies, priced below $5, and generally trade over-the-counter, such as on the OTC BulletinBoard or in the Pink Sheets. Penny stocks may also trade on securities exchanges, includingforeign securities exchanges. Penny stocks are very low in price which gives the small investor theopportunity to participate in them. A penny stock offers more leverage than a high-priced stock ifthings went right.Penny Stocks are named that way for a reason. While each one of us starts dreaming aboutinvesting in the next big thing, the thing is our chances are slim on finding such a success story.Penny stocks are the fast movers of the stock market. While large stocks such as IBM andMicrosoft lumber along like the giants that they are, penny stocks often race around like Ferraris.Penny stocks are usually traded on the OTCBB or on the Pink Sheets. The OTCBB (OTC BulletinBoard) is an electronic quotation system for over-the-counter securities that are not listed with oneof the national stock exchanges.Investing in penny stocks is risky just like any stock market investment. But due to the smallstartup investment, and enormous earning potential if you hit the big time . Investing in pennystocks is speculative business and involves a high degree of risk. Often, brokers will enhance thenew account card to make it seem that you are suitable for a penny stock investment when youare not.
  2. 2. Hubert Lee has been a day trader for more than 20 years and trades penny stocks for a living.Download free report on penny stocks fortune => []Article Source: ====For More Information, Please Go to: ====