==== ====For More Information, Please Go to:http://tinyurl.com/79nbz88==== ====Now lets actually break down the title of t...
smarter by allowing us to see the depth of the market.What has happened here is achieved by unusual volume first. Your wil...
Article Source:http://EzineArticles.com/?expert=Mike_Perras==== ====For More Information, Please Go to:http://tinyurl.com/...
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Share market


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Penny Stocks with Low Risk,and High Profits. See Now at: http://tinyurl.com/72x37mb

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Share market

  1. 1. ==== ====For More Information, Please Go to:http://tinyurl.com/79nbz88==== ====Now lets actually break down the title of this article so that we are both on the same page. Bydefinition, the best stock for easy profits is not actually about specific stocks at all. Its more abouta system to find the best stocks that qualify for easy profits.Now stay with me on this theme. When I say easy profits I mean a stock I can enter easily andsafely and just as easily get out. Again for purposes of this article, the easy profits are the onesthat are earned quickly. By quickly I mean in an hour or a day, two days tops.And to be honest I think day traders have been unfairly picked on. Lets remember that day tradersadd great liquidity to the markets. Take away day traders and all you would have are institutionaland a few retail traders, and that would be mighty boring as stocks would hardly move at all.In order to find the best stocks for easy profits one needs a plan. A simple plan with very few rules.No offence to the chart readers, the swing stock guys or yes even the guys who short everything,as the market needs you every day.I follow this simple logic always "you dont need a lot of information, you need the rightinformation". And let me share what I call the right information in the context of this article.Finding the best stocks for easy profits requires that you follow but two or three rules. Rules thatyou never stray from.Ok then, I hope you really pay attention to this part. At 9:45am, I find the stocks with the mostvolume. Weed through those and only focus on the stocks with unusually high volume. Meaning ifa stock normally trades 400,000 shares in a day, we want to see that many traded by 10:00am.That extra volume means that the stock is "in play" . And we are here to play too!Now watch these specific stocks that have the extra volume and see which ones open higher thanthe previous days close. After they spike up a bit on extra volume, wait until they pullback. A pullback with the extra "in play" volume becomes our entry point. No pullback, no entry period!Example: XYZ stock closed at .22 yesterday on 400,000 shares traded. It opens this morning at.25 and spikes to .29 on 500,000 shares traded, then pulls back to .23 to scare out the weakerhands. We enter at .24 easily because there is extra volume. Within the next hour or two theunusual volume pops the price back up to .29 .Now this part is critical to your success. We also know that .29 is a psychological price pointthreshold. The stock will stall there trying to cross over into the .30 area. We know this by watchingLevel 2. We get out easily at .28 as there are far too many asks at .29 . Level 2 makes us all
  2. 2. smarter by allowing us to see the depth of the market.What has happened here is achieved by unusual volume first. Your willingness to wait for thepullback just gave you a quick 17% profit. Put another way, you bought 30,000 shares and paid.24, cost = $7,200.00 and you sold your 30,000 shares at .28 or $8,400.00 .. thats a net to you of$1,200.00 minus commission.Now rinse and repeat, just twice weekly, and youve earned a tidy $125,000.00 a year. Yourchances are greatly enhanced to make even more than that by the sheer numbers of your profits,as by month 3 or 4, youll invest far more into certain stocks than you did in your first week.Heres a quick thought, if you took your Canadian $5,000.00 TFSA and doubled it say every twomonths with this strategy, you would have over $300,000.00 by the end of the year. I kid you not!The system works well because it already has two safety features built in. The extra volume addshuge liquidity, you get in and out safely. Forcing yourself to buy the pullback, ensures you neverever chase a stock, and get caught buying at the high.The best stocks for easy profits happen when a proven system is in place and followed closely.And like I said, "you dont need a lot of information, you need the right information".Keep it simple, stay focused, trade logically and without emotion, and you will make money! Itmake not sound like a very sexy system, but you know what, making money is always sexy, andgiving it away, is even sexier!Mike Perras manages the Canadian Stock Alerts blog. While these alerts are never meant as arecommendation to buy a particular stock, they are nonetheless a heads up or an alert to a certainpotential positive trend.Canadian Stock Alerts follows one major rule, follow the volume! When trading volume in anystock is higher than usual, a trend has been established. While the stock may go higher or lower isin fact irrelevant. Stocks that go higher, always pull back. Stocks that go lower are often oversold.In both cases alerts may be issued.Mr. Perras always recommends trading on paper first before following any new investing strategy.Try it out, without using real money. When you can see first hand that this style of investing worksand satisfies your own risk tolerance level, only then should you consider it a strategy you want towork with.Canadian Stock Alerts does not receive any compensation whatsoever by any of the companies itissues alerts for. Alerts are issued in real time during market hours and follow the "higher thanusual volume" rule always. Ones own due diligence is always recommended when it comes toany kind of investing.His system Best Stocks For Easy Profits is also available online. Take a look and see some reallife examples.
  3. 3. Article Source:http://EzineArticles.com/?expert=Mike_Perras==== ====For More Information, Please Go to:http://tinyurl.com/79nbz88==== ====