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How to use the ipad


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How to use the ipad

  1. 1. ==== ====Important information many people dont know about, Click Link: ====Many people consider the iPad a bigger version of the iPhone or iPod Touch, and admittedly thereis overlap in functionality. But I dont see Apple purposely making a product that directly competeswith their iPhone and iPod cash cows. With that in mind, lets look at where these devices willcross paths and which one has an advantage.ConvenienceSince the iPhone is you know, a phone, it will often never leave your side. It rules as a go todevice when you need to get access to something right this second. The iPads size while svelt,wont exactly fit in your pocket. While more convenient to drag around than say a laptop, the iPadwont replace the iPhone as the go to device when needing to know the population of Kazastanduring a conversation, or an replace an iPod when working out at the gym.UsabilityWhile the iPhone has greatly improved, if not reinvented, the user experience for a smart phone,the screen is only so big. I have tried using the iPhone as a ebook reader and personal videodevice and I can only stand the eye strain for so long. Even viewing webpages for any extendedperiod of time can become bothersome on an iPhone or iPad Touch. The iPads 9.7 inch screen,nearly 4 times larger, will allow for much more pleasant extended viewing sessions. The largerscreen will also allows us fat fingered types to navigate apps easier and allow developers morescreen space to display data.CostCompared to a $99 iPhone or a $199 iPod Touch, the $499 for the 16GB iPad may seem steep.But we must remember the the iPhone price is subsidized by At&T and requires a 2 year contractto get that price. Also the $199 iPod Touch is only an 8GB model, the 32GB will cost you $299.Given Steve Jobs statement of the iPad being positioned between the iPhone and the MacBook inApples product line up, we should also compare the iPads price to the $999 cost of an entry levelMacBook. While not exactly cheap, $499 for a 16GB iPad isnt unreasonable.AppsSince the iPad will run nearly all iPhone and iPod Touch apps, there will not be a lack ofapplications at launch time. If you already have a large library of apps in iTunes, you will be able touse these on an iPad without repurchasing. The iBook Store and iBook app will be limited to theiPad, and as developers come on board, exclusive iPad only apps will begin to appear. The pricepremium for an iPad optimized app is still unknown, but I would not be surprised to see an
  2. 2. average price of $4.99.Final ThoughtsWill the iPad cannibalize sales of other Apple products? For those who do not currently own aniPod Touch, or dont/cant get an iPhone, investing instead in an iPad could be a logical move. Butsince you wont be jogging with your iPad to listen to music, or answering phone calls with it, Idont see sales of iPhones and iPods being affected much. I will be very curious to see thenumbers on people who bought an iPad and also own an iPhone or iPod Touch versus those thatdont.To learn more about the iPad or to read news, reviews and iPad commentary, visit: Source: ====Important information many people dont know about, Click Link: ====