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Autonomic nervous system (ans)


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Autonomic Nervous System

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Autonomic nervous system (ans)

  1. 1. Saddam Ansari2nd yearTbilisi State Medical UniversityAUTONOMIC NERVOUS SYSTEM(ANS)
  2. 2. Introduction Portion of nervous system Regulation of visceral functions Also known as vegetative orinvoluntary nervous system
  3. 3. Sympathetic Division Called as thoracolumbar outflow Supplies smooth muscle fibers ofvisceral organsBlood vesselsHeartLungsGlandsGastrointestinal organs etc.
  4. 4. Continued… Consists of pre and post ganglionic fiber
  5. 5. Sympathetic GangliaClassified into 3 groups1. Paravertebral or sympatheticchain ganglia2. Prevertebral or collateral ganglia3. Terminal or peripheral ganglia
  6. 6. Sympathetic Chain GangliaArrangement-Segmental fashionLocation-Anterolateralsurface of vertebralcolumn
  7. 7. Division of Sympathetic chainGanglia1.Cervical ganglia-8cervial gangliainto 3 groups• Superior cervical ganglion• Fusion of upper 4 cervical ganglia• Middle cervical ganglion• Fusion of 5th and 6th cervical ganglia• Inferior cervical ganglion• Fusion of 7th and 8th cervical ganglia
  8. 8. Continued…2.Thoracic ganglia12 thoracic ganglia present oneach sidePreganglionic fibers originates formthoracic segment of spinal cordPostganglionic fibers aredistributed into thorax andabdomen
  9. 9. Continued…3.Lumbar ganglia• 5 lumbar ganglia• Preganglionic fibers arises form L1 andL2 segments and reach the lumbarganglia.• Postganglionic fibers supply theabdominal and pelvic organs:• Urinary bladder• Colon etc.
  10. 10. Continued…4.Sacral ganglia 5 sacral ganglia Receives preganglionic fibers fromL1 and L2 segments Postganglionic fibers innervatesblood vessels and sweat glands inlower limb
  11. 11. Prevertebral or CollateralGangliaSituated in thorax,abdomen andpelvisPreganglionic fibers arises from T5to L2 segmentsPrevertebral ganglia are :Celiac ganglionSuperior mesenteric ganglionInferior mesenteric ganglion
  12. 12. Terminal or Peripheral Ganglia Situated within or close to structuresinnervated by them. E.g. heart, bronchi, pancreas andurinary bladder.
  13. 13. Sympathoadrenergic System Includes sympathetic division andadrenal medulla Adrenal medulla is modifiedsympathetic ganglion. Increase in sympathetic activityincreases the secretion ofcatecholamines.