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Amaurosis fugax


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Poster Presentation of Amaurosis Fugax.

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Amaurosis fugax

  1. 1. AmaurosisFugaxAttack of retina.Interruption ofblood flow transient monocularblindness. rapid fading of visionsometimes affecting only aportion of the visual fieldEtiologyCarotid artery disease,Atherosclerosis, Retinal arterialocclusion, Marked systemichypertension, Central retinal veinocclusionSymptomsCurtain coming down vertically into the field ofvision.monocular blindness, dimming, fogging,or blurring.Total or sectorial vision loss typicallylasts only a few seconds, but may last minutesor even hours.Signs and TestsTests include a completeeye and neurologicalexam. Carotid ultrasoundor magnetic resonanceangiography(MRA).Routine blood tests such ascholesterol and bloodglucose.TreatmentRegular check-ups to checkthe health of your carotidartery.Diet changes andmedication . Aspirin,warfarin, surgery is done toremove the blockage.Prognosisdoes not result inpermanent disability.It means you haveatherosclerosis andan increased risk forstroke.PreventionAvoid fatty foods.Exercise regularly,Quit smoking , Noalcohol, Regular BPcheck, Cholesterolcheck, Glucosecheck.Saddam Ansari3rd year, Group 5