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Electronic World - SMART TVs


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SMART TVs allow you to access media across many platforms. This can include the internet, mobile devices and you home computers. You'll never be stuck for what to watch again. There are many on demand and catch up TV services that mean you can dictate what you watch and when. Now you can bring you living room up to date with a SMART TV from Electronic World.

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Electronic World - SMART TVs

  1. 1. Red Hot Deals on SMART TVs
  2. 2. Dont Just Watch TV - InteractUp until recently watching the TV has been an entirely passiveactivity. SMART TV is about to change all of that.If youve not heard of it SMART TV connects your TV with theinternet allowing it to do far more than just display TVchannels. Now you can surf the web, watch YouTube video,video chat with friends, stream video from on demandservices and lots more.Internet TVs keep themselves up to date with new technologyby downloading new software as it becomes available overthe internet - as such theyre probably the most future proofTVs that have ever existed.
  3. 3. Condition: Graded StockSamsung Smart HubSMART TVSkypeFreeview HD TunerFull HD 1080p32" Samsung Full HD Freeview SMART TVThe smart and slim design of this Samsung TV makes it a stylish addition to anyroom in your house. It is not just a TV. The Samsung UE32ES5500 gives you tooption to connect to the internet wirelessly or via an ethernet connection. Youwill need a wireless dongle to connect via wireless.Once connected this TV gives you access to the web, social networking viaFacebook and Twitter, YouTube Video and much much more.Click for More Information
  4. 4. Condition : Graded StockSMART TVFreeview HDFull HD 1080p100Hz32" Toshiba Full HD Freeview SMART TVThe LED backlight screen offers stunning high definition vibrant colour withsmooth movement without motion blur - perfect for watching sport or fastmoving action movies.This TV also has SMART TV onboard allowing you to access on demand serviceslike BBC iPlayer, YouTube and much more.Click for More Information
  5. 5. Condition : Graded StockBBC iPlayer / YouTubeSMART TVHD Ready : YesSKYPEWiFi Ready (Via Separate Dongle)37" Panasonic Full HD Freeview SMART TVThe Panasonic Viera TX37E5B goes beyond TV to bring you a devicethat allows you to access media across many platforms includingthe internet and your home network, mobile devices andcomputers.With so much content available to you at the touch of a buttonyoull be truly in control of what you watch.Click for More Information
  6. 6. Condition : Graded StockLG App Store3D Ready100Hz MotionInfinia DesignSMART TV42" LG Full HD 1080p SMART Freeview HD TVThe LG 42LW550 allows you to access social media without a pc.Apps allow you to see and interact with your friends via Facebookand Twitter, whilst you can access previously broadcastprogrammes via BBC iPlayer and other catch up TV services.All of this comes with the stunning HD picture quality that LG isrenown for.Click for More Information
  7. 7. Condition : Graded StockLG App Store2D to 3D100Hz MotionBBC iPlayer / YouTubeSMART TV47" LG Full HD 1080p Freeview SMART 3DTVChoose the extent of your 3D experience, using the LG 47LM620T depth control,you can control the 3D effect to suit the mood of the viewers - turn it down forthe kids first experience of 3D or for the faint hearted, or turn it right up to getthe full 3D experience.This TV also has fully featured SMART TV which allows you to gain access tomedia via the internet, your home network and to use social networkingapplications like Facebook and Twitter.Click for More Information
  8. 8. of the televisions in this presentation are "Graded" televisions are items that High Streetretailers cant sell on for various reasons. This may be because the TVs are surplus stock, end of line/ discontinued models, 30 day customer returns, unwanted gifts, or items with damagedpackaging.When the TVs come into us at Electronic World they are technically tested, processed, repackagedand offered for sale. Before sale, all televisions undergo a comprehensive quality control processby our engineers. In the majority of cases the item will be supplied with its original packaging andwill be "as new" - the items we sell are not used. If the original packaging is not supplied we willsupply other secure packaging to keep the TV well protected in transit.All TVs sold on this website carry a 12 month return to base warranty provided by ourselves(unless otherwise stated). Our guarantee on all of our products demonstrates our confidence ineach and every product we sell. Upon collection the TV is unwrapped and you are given ademonstration of the TV for your peace of mind. This really is an amazing way to save hundreds off"Brand New" prices without sacrificing any of the quality or performance!