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Cables UK


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Struggling to find a HDMI cable long enough to connect your AV equipment that won't break the bank? Come to Cables UK for a great choice of cables for all applications.

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Cables UK

  1. 1. Specialist HDMI Cablesfrom Cables UK
  2. 2. What is HDMI?HDMI Cables are the new standard connection to link highdefinition audio / visual devices together.A HDMI Cable is capable of transmitting both audio andvideo signals in uncompressed high definition format. Thismeans that there is no loss of image and audio quality.Component cables like SCART leads cannot offer thislossless signal transmission.Many high street retailers only stock short length HDMICables at massively over inflated prices. Find the righttype and length of HDMI cable for your needs at CablesUK.
  3. 3. Cable management can be an issue when wallmounting a TV. HDMI cables with a right angledconnector add less depth to the TV allowing a neaterinstallation and easier cable management. Cables areavailable in a range of lengths with a right angleconnector on one or both ends.Right Angled HDMI CablesClick Here for More Information
  4. 4. Rotate and swivel HDMI Cables are a great solutionfor difficult to access places. The head of the HDMIcable can angle to almost any position. Gamers whoneed to move their console from its storage positionto the where they use it love these clever HDMICables.Rotate and Swivel HDMICablesClick Here for More Information
  5. 5. Our range of flat HDMI Cables offer a great way ofhiding the wiring between your devices. Flat cablesare a particularly good solution for tucking under theedge of a carpet. Flat Cables are available in a rangeof lengths.Flat HDMI CablesClick Here for More Information
  6. 6. Many high street electronics retailers will happily sellyou a HDMI cable with your TV. Most however, onlystock cables of 1 - 2 metres length. For installationsneeding a longer cable, Cables UK stock lengths of upto 50 metres!Long HDMI CablesClick Here for More Information
  7. 7. HDMI Cables that will meet future advancements intechnology are available now. Cables with Ethernetcapability, data transfer rates of up to 17.8 Gigabitand up to 2160p HD picture quality will help futureproof your investment in quality cables.High Speed + Ultra HighDefinitionClick Here for More Information
  8. 8. Still not sure which HDMI cable will meet yourrequirements? Head on over to Cables UK and use thecable finder on the homepage to see the availabletypes of cables that will connect your devicesdelivering the best possible picture and sound quality.Cables UK also stock a comprehensive range ofadaptors and accessories. See the full range now andget connected with Cables UK.Find your HDMI Cable