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Prepared for Idea Contest 2015 arranged by Rbotic Society RUET(RSR) on Roboter with Sumaiya Tahera Raman and Jannatun Nyma Islam Bristy.

Published in: Engineering
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  1. 1. Robotic Society RUET Idea Contest 2015 Team Name: RoBoTeen Members: Amina Nasrin Jannatun Nyma Islam Bristy Sumaiya Tahera Rahman
  2. 2. Robotic Society RUET Idea Contest 2015 Idea Name: Roboter
  3. 3. Waiter Robot
  4. 4. Water Robot Turning a Robot into a Waiter ?!? JustTaking one step closer towards technology ……Before another country from the third world
  5. 5. Water Robot can play a role to draw the world’s tourists’ attention towards Bangladesh Roboters
  6. 6. Water Robot Roboter ’s features Let’s discuss about
  7. 7. Water Robot Roboters -- will welcome the guests with greetings and smile
  8. 8. Water Robot Roboters -- will carry the order try to a definite table and keep it on the table
  9. 9. Water Robot Roboters --serve drinks if ordered -- will clean up the table after the customers leave the place
  10. 10. Water Robot Roboters --will be having spy camera for the internal environment protection
  11. 11. Water Robot Roboters --will serve drinks if ordered -- will clean up the table after the customers leave the place --will drop garbage in the bin In a word we expect Roboter to be a complete waiter
  12. 12. Water Robot can add new dimension to restaurant business Roboters
  13. 13. Water Robot is capable of being a bridge between technology and food lovers Roboters
  14. 14. Water Robot first and most important feature - to delivery order to a definite table Roboters’ Line following is the easy solution for the feature Also solves the challenge of table identification
  15. 15. Water Robot will be adjusted with a security camera to hold a security feature Roboters’
  16. 16. Water Robot will be wish you a greeting by obstacle sensing to hold a security feature Roboters’
  17. 17. Water Robot serve drink and Clean dish can be done by Roboters’ pick and place
  18. 18. Water Robot Why Roboter is unique ???
  19. 19. Water Robot Is of……. Less cost easy to implement and easy for commercial use Roboter
  20. 20. Water Robot Roboter Adorable to technology loving people
  21. 21. Water Robot Roboter Has a possibility of employment success…. If young generation is inspired and their potential is used properly
  22. 22. Water Robot Roboter Can open a new door of technological revolution in Bangladesh
  23. 23. Water Robot RSR has widely worked on the same mechanism so the main challenge for RSR is to add new features…
  24. 24. Water Robot More importantly….This commercial project can be implemented within only BDT. 22,000 – 25,000 So… RSR should be interested in this particular idea
  25. 25. Water Robot It can bring a revolution in restaurant business in Bangladesh as well as in the world Roboter is designed for commercial use…
  26. 26. Water Robot Is a New way of attracting customers Like submarine café Or medical restaurant Or music cafe Roboter
  27. 27. Water Robot Is a project with…… 1 time investment Salary savings, No food or shelter cost, No vacation no tiredness Roboter
  28. 28. Water Robot no tension of waiter to bad behave with you and your valuable customers Roboter
  29. 29. Water Robot Is a whole new idea for Bangladesh and the other developing countries Roboter with a good possibility of commercial success
  30. 30. Water Robot Roboter It just needs a little attention to be implemented After that it’s success will be a matter of time
  31. 31. Water Robot Wish you all the best ThankYou