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high quality corporate publications

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  1. 1. Fully sponsored corporate magazine, book, presentation Concept Promarcom is an internationally operating agency with excellent references, specialized in the creation of very exclusive, high quality corporate magazines and company presentation books. The total development is fully financed by business relations who advertise in the magazine. In most cases an immediate reason such as new construction, an anniversary or repositioning is used to stimulate business relations to advertise in your magazine or to place an advertorial. This is a powerful way to achieve the final goal: to produce an exclusive corporate publication with a timeless character. This will be a publication that you can be proud to use for new clients, suppliers and other business relations in the coming years. All the costs such as graphic design, editing, translation, photography, printing, etc. are generated by the advertising budget. In short: You get a beautiful magazine and you don’t have to pay anything for it. The corporate magazine is entirely created according to your wishes and will fit perfectly with the character, image and corporate style of your organization. Promarcom is strong in project leadership and guarantees quality on all fronts: Promarcom works closely with top agencies that develop the editing, photography and design. We operate in all sectors of the market, so we are not bound to one field. Promarcom is an international operating organization with excellent references, specialized in realising very exclusive corporate magazines and company books of outstanding quality.  Our strength lies in project management and the guarantee of quality of all aspects of your publication. Redaction, photography and design is developed by renowned agencies through tight corporation. We operate in all market branches and are completely independent.
  2. 2. We would like you to meet: Centric, Kijkshop, Ardenberg en Citrix…
  3. 3. Centric Corporate company profile to position the organization to in- and external clients. | Sales tool for approximately 4 years Print run: 5.000 | Size: A4 | 52 pages | Soft cover
  4. 4. Kijkshop Kijkshop 30 year anniversary | Corporate company profile | Sales tool approximately 5 years Print run: 3.000 | Size: 23x29 | 144 pages | Hardcover book
  5. 5. Ardenberg Repositioning of the holding, corporate profile and presentation of brands | Sales tool for approximately 5 years Print run: 5.000 | Size: A4 | 64+4 pages | Soft cover | Bilingual publication: Dutch and English
  6. 6. Citrix Publication on the occasion of Citrix Systems Solutions Conference, corporate profile update | Sales tool for approximately 3 years Print run: 2.000 | Size: 24x34 | 64+4 pages | Soft cover | Bilingual publication: Dutch and English
  7. 7. Acquisition phase We begin with the acquisition phase. An information package is sent to our relations, of course created in consultation with you and with your prior approval. Integrity is of vital importance to Promarcom: Promarcom will not act without your express permission. A few weeks after the mail-out a telephone action will be done. Promarcom will provide you with regular progress reports. At the end of the acquisition phase the available budget is determined. If there is not an adequate budget, the project will not be able to proceed. Under no circumstances will you be charged. How to continue? Project description Realization phase With a sufficient budget the realization phase will begin. A project manager is appointed who will be your contact person throughout the entire process. The project will be confirmed in writing, so that you are assured of a beautiful end product. During the intake interview with the designer, copywriter and project manager, your wishes and demands as to goals, target group, schedule, editing, photography and graphic design will be discussed. Then there will be interview and photography days. After that we will give a presentation of the basic design. At the same time we will provide you with the materials developed, such as imagery and texts, for your approval. All project discussions will be held at your office. Interview and photography days will take place at locations of your choice. At the end of the realization phase we will present you with the result in the form of a full-colour dummy. After making corrections and modifications and after your overall approval the magazine will go to production. General timetable The complete process generally takes about five months, and a total of about 12 hours of your organization’s time (discussions and approval, visits to you, interviews, company photo report).
  8. 8. A2 Networks Dr. Adam’s AD - Auto Distribution Nederland AGZ/Feeder One Aprisco Ardenberg Atos Origin Bezias Holding Boekema Schilders Bus’ Groep Canadian Stocks & Fooks Centric Citrix Systems Comsys DeLaval We completed issues for… Explora Havam Hawe Systems Europe HDB Hessels InterTyre Kijkshop Koskamp Automaterialen Lincoln Smitweld Mediterra Nike Oving Paré Pink Roccade Food en Retail ProVision PTH Groep de Punt Rentex Floron Scapino Simac Stichting Schoencampagne Timberland Timmerfabriek Ter Huurne Van Haren Schoenen Van der Peijl Groep Westra Roestvrijstaal Ziengs Schoenen
  9. 9. Call or mail for an appointment: Natascha Huiszoon +31 6 27 00 48 90 Photography locations: Hampshire Hotel, Groningen | Euroborg, FC Groningen Business unit