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Promapp webinar how to drive engagement in process


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At this year's CONNECT events, clients helped us identify potential solutions to some common barriers to process management success. Join this Promapp webinar to hear what other organizations have done to face the engagement challenge. Get practical tips on how you can implement strategies to drive engagement in process management.

Why engagement in process matters:

Process improvement is about people. Empowering teams to own their processes helps to foster a culture of continuous improvement. Keeping on top of processes helps to minimize waste, drive efficiency and develop a collaborative environment where everyone feels valued.

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Promapp webinar how to drive engagement in process

  1. 1. How to drive engagement. Wiebke Lum, Customer Success Manager
  2. 2. Harness diversity.
  3. 3. Why engagement in process matters. • Foster a culture of continuous improvement • Minimize waste, drive efficiency • Develop a collaborative environment • Execute your WHY
  4. 4. Choose the right people. • People with capacity • Influencer over doer • Communicate
  5. 5. Use all the channels. Client example
  6. 6. Train & empower. • Part of induction • Get a PCT • Gamify
  7. 7. Have fun. Client example
  8. 8. Involve your team. • Prioritize • Involve don’t prescribe • Peers
  9. 9. Evolve governance roles. Client example
  10. 10. Build excitement. • Kick off • Make it fun • Celebrate Success
  11. 11. Have a party. Client example
  12. 12. Accessibility. • SSO • Work Stations • Log in Cards
  13. 13. No excuses for anyone. Client example
  14. 14. Make time. • Drop in Sessions • Set time goals • Promapp as BAU
  15. 15. Close the loop. • Hold teams accountable • Close the feedback loop
  16. 16. Accountability through reporting. Client example
  17. 17. Recap. • Herding cats • Choose a good cowboy • Have fun • Find a way
  18. 18. Questions?