10 Clear Signs You Are in the Wrong Job (& What to Do about It)


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10 Clear Signs You Are in the Wrong Job & What to Do about It. This is a presentation with solutions, actionable proven steps based on experience and expertise of the writer.
Note: Your career perspective may shift after seeing this!

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10 Clear Signs You Are in the Wrong Job (& What to Do about It)

  1. 10 Clear Signs You Are in The Wrong Job & What to Do About It by Farnoosh Brock President & Founder, Prolific Living Inc.
  2. By the end of this Power Session … 1.  You will know the 10 clear signs you are in the wrong job. 2.  You will have actionable advice on each of these signs. 3.  You will learn more about how you can create your smart exit strategy. Ready?
  3. Backstory – Unlock Your Story
  4. Backstory on Farnoosh ü  Corporate Star: Fortune 100 Engineering, IT Support, Project Management for 12 years. ü  Corporate Escapee: Left lucrative pay, stock options, easy job, bonuses, to pursue passions and meaningful work. ü  Why I finally listened to the signs ü  How An Exit Strategy Set me on My True Path
  5. Why an Exit Strategy?
  6. Why Do We Need an Exit Strategy? One day, you exit any job or business. Where You Are Smart Transition Where You Thrive & Prosper Where You Might End Up Floating Along without Direction
  7. Clarity - The 10 Signs To Heed
  8. 1. Extreme Boredom & Distractions o  Feel drained at meetings and on calls. o  Enjoy distractions more than work. o  Would rather waste time than be productive. Actionable Advice: ü  Come up with one aspect of work that interests you and focus on that.
  9. 2. Sick of Broken Merit System o  Sick of the broken merit system and getting passed over for promotion. o  Your talents and skills go unused. Actionable Advice: ü Identify one place where your skills excel others, set up a meeting with the boss and ask for a raise.
  10. How you feel matters. Ignoring it does not make it go away.
  11. 3. Dread Going Through the Motions o  Dread going in to work altogether. o  Resent waking up for work. Snooze a lot. Actionable Advice: ü  Ask your boss if telecommuting once a week is ok?
  12. 4. Intolerance for Systems & Policy o  Get aggravated with inefficient systems. o  Find it a huge waste of time to follow policies and procedures. Actionable Advice: ü Speak out against policies and decisions with poise and professionalism.
  13. 5. Indifference to Company Direction o  Complete indifference to news and direction of your company. o  No sense of identity with your workplace. Actionable Advice: ü Find a community, organization or entity where you can belong.
  14. Do You See and Heed the Signs?
  15. 6. Zero Sense of Pride or Excitement o  Lost all excitement for your work. o  No interest to do a good job or to learn, despite your work ethics. Actionable Advice: ü Create the beginner mindset by asking for new project or transfer.
  16. 7. Doing it Just for the Money o  Absolutely only doing it for the money. o  Feel trapped but rely on the paycheck. Actionable Advice: ü Start one thing that you would do for free for the rest of your life.
  17. Use Your Brilliant Imagination!
  18. 8. Abundance of Poor Attitude o  Sarcasm is your new outlet for frustration. o  You complain a lot and swing between grumpy, self-righteous and angry. Actionable Advice: ü Remove yourself from social interactions that reinforce this.
  19. 9. Finding Authority Unbearable o  No longer dream of advancing in company hierarchy. o  Dream of freedom and being your own boss. Actionable Advice: ü Write the description of your ideal job and workplace.
  20. Endless Possibilities Lay Before You!
  21. 10. Low Desire for Your Well-being o  Allow undue stress in your personal life. o  Feel no motivation to care about your body despite declining health signs. Actionable Advice: ü  Find a “health” accountability partner right away.
  22. Bonus 11. You Are Here While I am delighted that you are here, this is the surest sign that you are contemplating an exit strategy already! Let’s Make it a Great One!
  23. Next – How to Create Your Exit
  24. Your Answers At One Glance How many YES answers did you have? Rising Need For Exit 3-4 5-7 8-10 The number of signs you match
  25. Next: Consider Your Options Now you have more clarity about your reasons to break free. 1.  Create an exit strategy on your own. 2.  Work with a career coach. 3.  Take the Smart Exit Blueprint Course.
  26. Get my FREE video training series now: www.smartexitblueprint.com