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The Broad Impact of DDoS: It’s More than Just an IT Issue


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A description of what DDoS attacks can do and the results of a DDos attack.

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The Broad Impact of DDoS: It’s More than Just an IT Issue

  1. 1. CONFIDENTIALwww.prolexic.comThe Broad Impact of DDoS: It’s More Than Just an IT
  2. 2. www.prolexic.comThe Broad Impact of DDoS: It’s More Than Justan IT Issue• DDoS attacks can bring websites down.• When the website is down, it’s more than just anIT problem.• A DDoS attack can result in:• Lost revenue• Dissatisfied customers and a flood of calls• Negative press coverage• Lower stock prices• Search engine rankings2May 2013
  3. 3. www.prolexic.comDDoS Attacks Go Beyond IT• DDoS attacks can disrupt:• Email systems• Call centers• VoIP (Voice over IP) telephone networks• Accessibility for customers and employees• Revenue flow when shopping carts are inaccessible• All departments need to be prepared to takeaction3
  4. 4. www.prolexic.comEstimating the Cost of a DDoS Attack• Forrester Consulting hasfound that an onlinecompany loses anaverage of US $220,000per hour during anunmitigated DDoSattack4
  5. 5. www.prolexic.comWhat is Your Network’s Weak Link?• DDoS attacks can affect different parts of yournetwork• A malicious attacker will chose the one that willdo the most damage to you• Examples:• Application (Layer 7) DDoS attacks wreak havoc onload balancers, apps and databases• SYN floods may stop servers and routers• UDP floods may impair routers only• Content switches can easily be overwhelmed5
  6. 6. www.prolexic.comWhat You Can Do• It’s not a matter of if, but when• The companies that experience the fastestand most successful DDoS attack mitigationhave:• A dedicated DDoS mitigation service• A well-tested, well-rehearsed response plan• Run a simulated DDoS attack to confirm yourpreparedness6
  7. 7. www.prolexic.comThree Features of a DDoS Mitigation PlaybookA DDoS mitigation playbook is a streamlinedresponse plan for:• Managing communications• Identifying key contact persons• Organizing information for easy, fast access7
  8. 8. www.prolexic.comMinimize the Damage to Your Enterprise• The damage from a DDoS attack can quicklyspin out of control• Avoid collateral damage by recognizing thebroader impact of DDoS attacks – beyond theIT department8
  9. 9. www.prolexic.comDownload the Free White Paper• Download the white paper The Broad Impact of DDoS: It’sMore than Just an IT Issue at• The white paper includes:• Details about a DDoS mitigation playbook and how itcan help you ensure a streamlined response in anemergency• Why a practiced response is necessary to limit thedamage from a DDoS attack• Case studies of enterprises under attack.• 12 questions to ask when evaluating a DDoS mitigationservice provider9
  10. 10. www.prolexic.comAbout Prolexic• Prolexic Technologies is the world’s largestand most trusted provider of DDoS protectionand mitigation services• Prolexic has successfully stopped DDoSattacks for more than a decade• We stop the largest attacks that exceed thecapabilities of other DDoS mitigation serviceproviders10