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Prolexic DDoS Attack Report: The Growing DDoS Attack Threat from Asia


Published on | Recent years have marked a significant rise in distributed denial of service (DDoS) activity from Asia with targets within the region and around the world. Prolexic has observed malicious actors compromising Chinese and other Asian IT resources and using them as command and control (CnC, CC or C2) and zombies in DDoS botnets. In fact, in Q4 2013, six the top ten source countries for DDoS activity were in Asia. Learn more about the Asian DDoS threat in this short presentation.

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Prolexic DDoS Attack Report: The Growing DDoS Attack Threat from Asia

  1. 1. The Asian DDoS Threat Q4 2013 Global DDoS Attack Report
  2. 2. Asia leads the list of source countries for DDoS attacks • Six of the top 10 source countries for DDoS attacks are in Asia – – – – – – China Thailand Korea India Turkey Saudi Arabia • 19 percent of DDoS traffic came from China in Q4 2013 • The percentage of DDoS attack traffic originating in Asia increased steadily in 2013
  3. 3. Asia has become a hub for internet crime • Opportunities created by economic growth – Expanded use of the Internet – Data center resources • Regions with fast technological growth are susceptible to: – Lack of oversight – Lack of management for large server farms – Lax security • Result: Significant vulnerabilities that can be exploited by malicious actors
  4. 4. The vast number of Internet users in Asia contributes to the DDoS threat
  5. 5. The Chinese government strategy fuels growth • The Chinese government has promoted Internet adoption • Aggressive policy of building IT infrastructure • Types of services: – – – – – Co-location Hosting Disaster recovery and backup Managed services Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS), Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS) and Software-as-a-Service (SaaS)
  6. 6. The Chinese IT infrastructure poses a global risk • Huge number of devices • Dominant OS is Windows XP, but Microsoft will stop supporting XP in 2014 • The software piracy rate in China of 80 percent • Pirated software is rarely updated or patched • China is estimated to have the highest rate of computer infections of any country • DDoS botnets are often built from infected devices • Prolexic has observed Chinese DDoS toolkits • Much of the country’s IT infrastructure is state-owned • The Chinese state may itself launch DDoS attacks
  7. 7. Mobile usage outstrips desktops • China has more than 400 million mobile users • Mobile Internet usage has surpassed the desktop • There are strong indications that these devices also have high infection rates • There were an estimated 162,000 mobile malware programs in China • Mobile devices participate in DDoS attacks • Prolexic anticipates an increasing role for mobile devices in DDoS campaigns
  8. 8. Global distribution of CHARGEN DDoS attack IPs shows a cluster in China
  9. 9. Prolexic Q4 2013 Global Attack Report • Download the Q4 2013 Global Attack Report for: – – – – More details about the DDoS threat from Asia Asian hacktivism Asian DDoS toolkits Global DDoS attack trends • • • • Year-over-year and quarter-by-quarter comparisons Types of attacks used Network protocols at risk for abuse by attackers Industries targeted – Details about real attacks mitigated by Prolexic
  10. 10. About Prolexic • Prolexic Technologies is the world’s largest and most trusted provider of DDoS protection and mitigation services • Prolexic has successfully stopped DDoS attacks for more than a decade • Our global DDoS mitigation network and 24/7 security operations center (SOC) can stop even the largest attacks that exceed the capabilities of other DDoS mitigation service providers