How to Get Review for Local Businesses


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Your reputation, the one thing that you can't buy. I was always taught that a person's reputation is the only thing that they would have to earn in life and that has proven to be true. When it comes to local businesses, their life blood is their reputation and their marketing.

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How to Get Review for Local Businesses

  1. 1. When it comes to local businesses, their life blood is their reputation and their marketing. As Google integrates local business results in search results, your businesses reputation will be on display for all to see. Not only will people be able to see what past customers think about you, this is going to be the first thing that they see about your business. More info on:
  2. 2. I feel that I'm preaching to the choir and that you are here to figure out how to get reviews. My first advice is not to pay for reviews because doing this can result in very high fans and a false advertisement criminal charge and lawsuit against your business. More info on:
  3. 3.  How to Get Reviews It all starts when you give your service. Unfortunately, unhappy customers are more eager to leave a review than happy customers. Take a look on Google Plus and see how detailed the unhappy raters are vs. the happy customers! More info on:
  4. 4. The first thing is to be a great company who works hard to please customers. The second thing you have to do is to create an in-house system to get reviews. Enter people into a raffle, offer a discount, encourage every customer to give you a review immediately after they have been serviced. More info on:
  5. 5. You are not asking for lies but for honest reviews and you should frame as them giving your insight into your business. In many ways, you Google reviews should be treated like a poll or a survey. More info on:
  6. 6.  Curate Reviews If someone has already left you reviews or has said positive things about you on your website, facebook or some other review site, then ask them to leave a review somewhere else. More info on:
  7. 7. I have emailed and PM'd customers and asked them if they would give a review. I'm very direct with them and tell them, "we are trying to grow the business, we need more clients to stay open, someone has badmouthed us and we know that we do right by our customers, will you please give us a review on this site.” More info on:
  8. 8. If you really do good work, if people really do like you, then they will be happy to give you a review. Another thing that you should do is contact all your old customers and ask for a review. I have some companies calling customers a day after they were served to leave a review. More info on: