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Greater Efficiencies with ValleySpeak Project Server

Good project management is crucial to the successful completion of l...
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Greater Efficiencies with ValleySpeak Project Server


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ValleySpeak Project Server lets you continue to use Microsoft Project for managing your schedules and projects, while at the same time giving your Team Members inexpensive and easy to use browser based access to project status. A much more affordable alternative to licensing copies of Microsoft Project for each of your Team Members, ValleySpeak Project Server lets team members view and update your schedule status through their browser, ensuring that they are always using the most current version of the schedule and eliminating the need to email Microsoft Project files around. Additionally since ValleySpeak Project Server  uses the native Microsoft Project file, Team Members can report task status in real time, freeing up the Project Manager’s time to focus on meeting desired project outcomes.

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Greater Efficiencies with ValleySpeak Project Server

  1. 1. Greater Efficiencies with ValleySpeak Project Server Good project management is crucial to the successful completion of large scale projects that include many team members and multiple deliverables. Having access to hosted project management software can generate greater efficiencies because other methods are cumbersome and slow. This is where ValleySpeak Project Server steps in. It is the best Microsoft Project Viewer available in the market and also the most efficiant. Teams using ValleySpeak Project Server as Microsoft Project Viewer to share Microsoft Project can gain added efficiencies by using ValleySpeak Project server to manage their projects in real time via online access implementing this hosted project server software. Our team used kadonk viewer, but when we adopted the ValleySpeak project server, we saw greater efficiencies because team members could access project data in real time which allows for up-to-the-minute reporting. The ValleySpeak project server is a great Microsoft Project server alternative because it allows our project team members to share information while still using Microsoft Project which is something we know and use on a daily basis. While Microsoft Project viewer allows team members to access the project, it didn’t allow for easy updating. Our project managers have always liked the idea of having access to hosted project management, but due to cost, we had to look at a cost effective Microsoft Project server alternative . We when evaluated ValleySpeak, we knew we had discovered a cost effective solution. It is easy to use and get up running because ValleySpeak offers a quality hosted Microsoft Project Server alternative along with the option to deploy and host it at our location. Our project managers were also seeing a loss in productivity using Kadonk Project viewer because it didn’t allows for timely updates. Any project manager should seriously consider adopting hosted project management software because of the ability to track changes and progress online and at a moment’s notice. ValleySpeak not only provides our team with that, but does it as a price that any SME can afford. For more information please visit  ValleySpeak, Inc.  2947 Rubino Circle,  San Jose, CA 95125 USA  +1 408 264 3836