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Trip of a lifetime


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Published in: Travel, Sports
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Trip of a lifetime

  1. 1. Trip of a
  2. 2. What Is Trip Of A Lifetime? Of aA Lifetime?Trip of a Lifetime is 501(c)(3) nonprofitorganization started by High School studentswhose mission is to provide funding forunderprivileged students to go on summer teentoursSince its inception in 2008, the organization hasraised over 45,000 and has sent five students ontrips
  3. 3. The Teen TourSelected students go on threeor four week trips throughAmerican Trails West and itssister company, Rein TeenToursSome of the sites students seeinclude the Grand Canyon, RedRock Mountains and GoldenGate Bridge
  4. 4. FundraisingThe charity has raised over$45000 from over 500 uniquedonorsOur spring auction series raisedover $1800We have had fundraisers at CPKand Unos
  5. 5. The Selection ProcessWe work with high schools andcommunity organizations inWestchester and NYC to identifycandidatesStudents must be in 9th or 10thgrade, qualify for financial need anduse the experience to make adifference in their community
  6. 6. Marias Story
  7. 7. Helping Her Community" I’ve always wanted to help outin my community but was nevermotivated enough. This trip wasthe motivation I needed. I am nowgoing to look into assisting in ahospital or soup kitchen.Volunteering is an easy way tohelp out in the community thatcan make a big difference. Thistrip gave me the confidence toreally be a big impact mycommunity in the coming yearsand the rest of my life. "
  8. 8. Highlights of Her Trip"My favorite place we traveled toTahoe. Lake TahoeHer Tripthroughout the entire trip was Lake is honestly themost stunning body of water I haveever seen in my life. I fell in love withits 3 different colors of water as aboat took us out into the deeper partof the lake to do tubing. The shorehas bits of gold-like glitter in thecrystal clear water, making it shine. Ifyou move farther out into the lake,the water turns turquoise like theCaribbean water. The deepest partof the lake is a dark blue, like that ofthe Greek islands"
  9. 9. Leslies Story
  10. 10. Highlights of Her Trip Her Trip"Camping was a good experiencebecause we got to bond and helpeach other. We helped each otherwhen we had to make the tents.We bonded when we had acampfire and made s’mores"
  11. 11. Helping Her Community"This trip has taught me tohave confidence and have ahigher self- esteem because itmatters what you think aboutyourself"
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  15. 15. All photos arecopyrighted by Trip of a