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Sylgard HVIC Application at Kalpaka 400 kvSS


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Sylgard HVIC Application at Kalpaka 400 kvSS

  1. 1. Sylgard HVIC in Pictures ® • Location: Kalpaka 400 kvSS, Visakhapatnam • Client: APTRANSCO • Duration: 60 days (2004-05) • Quantity: 660 kgs • Section: Bus Coupler 2 Bay • Number of Equipments: 49
  2. 2. A bird’s eye view of Bus Coupler 2 Bay at Kalpaka 400 kvSS Note the Sylgard HVIC coated equipments in white, visible in the evening at 1700 hours from the watch tower
  3. 3. A sectional view of the equipments coated with Sylgard HVIC at Kalpaka Bus Coupler 2 Bay •Current transformers (6) •Circuit Breakers (3) •Support Post Insulators (13) •Pantograph isolators (6) •Pilot Strings (9) •Double Tension Insulators (12) The figures in the brackets indicate the number of equipments of each type that were coated with Sylgard HVIC.
  4. 4. A sectional view of the equipments coated with Sylgard HVIC at Kalpaka Bus Coupler 2 Bay Support Posts Double Pilots CTs in a row CBs Double TensionPentagraphs
  5. 5. Breathtaking View of Kalpaka Bus Coupler 2 Bay at 8.45 pm. Sylgard HVIC Application in progressSometimes, Sylgard HVIC application went on until 21.00 hours in the floodlights available at the site. Inall, close to 50 equipments were coated with Sylgard by skilled painters trained for the job. Normalworking hours for the application was 10.00 to 17.00 hours, but depending on line clear availability, thework was carried out until 21.00 hours to meet the deadline for completion of the job.
  6. 6. Sylgard HVIC on a Support Post A close-up
  7. 7. Sylgard HVIC on Double Pilots and Double Tension Strings at Kalpaka 400 kvSS
  8. 8. Sylgard HVIC on a CT A close-up
  9. 9. Safety at Work As the Sylgard HVIC application involved coating suspension and pilot insulators at a height of over 20 meters, full attention was paid to fall protection and safety training imparted by PN Safetech, Mumbai. A complete set of lanyards, fall arresters, organic Vapour masks, and lifelines were used to carry out the application of over 400 kgs of Sylgard HVIC on the pilot and tension strings over a period of one month.
  10. 10. Safety at WorkMuhammad Ali (L) and Dharma Rao (R), Painters underwent 24 hours of field trainingon the use of safety equipments from the safety trainers of PN Safetch, Fall ProtectionSpecialists.
  11. 11. Pictures of Work-In-Progress Application of Sylgard HVIC at APTRANSCO Kalpaka 400 kvSS Bus Coupler 2 BayCompressors 5 HP (2 Nos), EPCOAT GUNS with 2.2 nozzles, Hose pipes extending 50 metres long,ladders, safety equipments, etc alongwith painters, trained linemen, and coating supervisors wereregular at the site for over a month. Kalpaka became their second home, with work extending upto 21hours on some days.
  12. 12. Empty Pails of Sylgard HVIC in the Kalpaka StoreA total of 147 pails of 4.5 kg pails of Sylgard HVIC was used for the project. After the first few days, practical estimates ofconsumption per type of equipment was finalized and were matched with the initial estimates, and they were pretty close.
  13. 13. Lady in Sylgard white
  14. 14. Special Thanks• Our special thanks goes to – Mr. Nitin Kamat, Industry Sales Manager, Dow Corning India (P) Limited, Mumbai for his persistent support, without which the project could not have been started or completed. – Mr. Venkatraman, Sales Manager, EEI, Dow Corning India (P) Limited, Mumbai The Pentasafe Team of Mr. Nair and Tejus, Painters Dharma and Ali, Coating Supervisor Dilip Nair of Project Sales Corp, and all Kalpaka 400 kvSS staff-members.