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Secondary Spill Containment Pallets


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We are also planning to bring in a 40’ container with the secondary spill containment products from UK to make them cost-effective with the pricing as above.
A 40’ container will allow us to bring down prices by 15% on the above prices which can be passed on as discounts.
If sufficient orders are not received, we will advise any change in costs to bring these is a 20’ container by sea freight.

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Secondary Spill Containment Pallets

  1. 1. PSC-100-061 PSC-100-002 PSC-100-011 PSC-100-006 PSC-100-YE-BK PSC-200-003 + PSC-200-002 PSC-40-BK-BK PSC-40-GR-BK PSC-40-YE-BK PSC-200-002Description Part No Price, INR2 drum Spill pallet 250L-Yellow base PSC-100-002 21,520.004 drum Spill pallet 250L-Yellow base PSC-100-006 25,824.004 drum Spill pallet 450L-Yellow base PSC-100-011 35,508.001 Drum Spill pallet 250L-Yellow Base PSC-100-051 24,530.00Four drum in line spill pallet-Yellow base PSC-100-061 25,722.00Drum Rack Base Yellow PSC-200-003 36,584.00Drum rack-Yellow PSC-200-002 18,938.0020L Spill Tray with platform PSC-20-YE-BK 8,608.0020L Spill Tray without platform PSC-20-B-BK 5,380.0030L Spill Tray with platform PSC-30-YE-BK 9,684.0030L Spill Tray without platform PSC-30-B-BK 6,026.0040L Spill Tray with platform PSC-40-YE-BK 11,620.0040L Spill Tray without platform PSC-40-B-BK 6,994.0060L Spill Tray with platform PSC-60-YE-BK 13,988.0060L Spill Tray without platform PSC-60-B-BK 8,392.00100L Spill Tray with platform PSC-100-YE-BK 17,216.00100L Spill Tray without platform PSC-100-B-BK 10,330.00Delivery end June 2012, Payment 25% advance with order, balance 75% against delivery, VAT 14.5% extra, Ex-VizagImport is planned for end-April 2012. Orders to be received before April 15, 2012 with advance. If order is not processed for lack ofcompletion of order for a 40’ container, amount will be refunded by 30th April 2012.