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Ringers cut 5 knit for pinch point and knuckle impact protection


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PSC Knit Impact Glove
Range from Mechanix,
HexArmor, KONG, Ringers, Superior
reduced cost of ownership of
impact protection gloves in
2014 and increased
penetration in the oil and
gas industry.

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Ringers cut 5 knit for pinch point and knuckle impact protection

  1. 1. RINGERS KNIT CUT 5 FEATURES • TPR impact protection on top of hand and full length of fingers. MORE TPR AT FINGER TIPS. High visibility for PALMS FOR increased safety • CE rated level 5 cut resistance and level 3 puncture resistance • Soft nitrile foam dip • Durable and breathable knit shell • Superior grip on wet and dry surfaces with micropore palms • Excellent dexterity for all working conditions India’s largest stockist for impact protection gloves and hand-off policy tools company marketing kong, hexarmor, mechanix, ringers, fingersaver, psc helix taglines, shove-it, ergonomix and more EN388 4543, Rs.1400 per pair + Tax SIZEs available– S/M/L/XL/XXL -10 pairs each WHEN YOU NEED DEXTERITY AND MAXIMUM FINGER AND KNUCKLE IMPACT PROTECTION