PSC Glove Selection Chart


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Hi All,

Based on our experience of researching the best options for the new improved technology gloves we have prepared gloves selection chart for you. Attached is a copy of our gloves selection chart for your reference. I am sure it will help you to choose right kind of task specific gloves. Please let me know if you need further assistance. I look forward to hear from you regarding your requirements.

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Sarika Rathi

Product Manager - HSE

Project Sales Corp


Cell: +91-9821181084

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PSC Glove Selection Chart

  1. 1. Project Sales Corp – Gloves Selection Chart +91-98211-81084Applicable PPE Specific type Characteristics Application (example) Kong Original Roughneck “Improved All work as base case Technology” daily (i.e. daily routine / routine / general general purpose work; Impact protection purpose gloves with handling pipe, hand gloves dorsal / full finger and power tools, and impact protection TPR materials with rough (Thermo Plastic Resin) surfaces) Mechanix ORHD HexArmor GGT5 HexArmorRig Lizard “Improved Technology” with dorsal / full finger Impact protection All work as base case impact protection TPR gloves with cut involving cut and (Thermo Plastic Resin) protection puncture risk. with added feature of HexArmor Impact cut and puncture Hi-vis resistance. 1
  2. 2. Project Sales Corp – Gloves Selection Chart HexArmor Impact SlipFit SteelCore Cut resistance Two strands of Ideal for application without impact stainless steel wrapped where you need cut protection with polyester. protection. HexArmor GGT5 Mud Kong HPT Provides impact All work as base caseImpact protection protection and grip in involving wet / oilygloves with oil grip light to medium wet / condition. Oil based oily condition. mud application. MCR Force Flex Oil Grip by North Improved grip and high protection achieved Oil grip without For handling oily or through improvedimpact protection wet objects technology nitrile coating. 2
  3. 3. Project Sales Corp – Gloves Selection Chart JokaOiler 45 Built from PVC plastic Oil grip without layers. Linings are For handling oily or impact protection 100% none—allergenic wet objects cotton knit fabric. Mechanix MPACT 2 Impact absorbing molded rubber finger Mechanical, electricalImpact protection for protection and EVA and subsea mechanical work deep ribbed accordion application knuckle protection. JokaOiler 45 Built from PVC plastic Handling and Heavy chemical layers. Linings are transporting of oil resistant gloves 100% none—allergenic supplies and industrial cotton knit fabric. chemicals Single Dipped PVC Handling abrasive Liquid and basic Plastic gloves with materials coated with chemical resistant seams. PVC dipped, grease and oil, gloves interlock liner. caustics, acids and solvents NinjaFlex (Rubber Latex coated) General maintenance General purpose Coated / dipped on work, provides handling gloves palm side. Nylon shell. protection from light UltraTech chemical exposure. (Nitril coated) 3
  4. 4. Project Sales Corp – Gloves Selection Chart Duro Task NF14 (Rubber coated) Provides excellent grip and longer life. Coating on the finger tips and the area between forefinger and thumb General maintenance General purpose protect areas that work, provides handling gloves Nitri Task NF13 typically wear out first protection from light (Nitril Coated) on string knit gloves. chemical exposure. Open back design allows gloves to “breathe” for more comfort. 4All brands and logos areregistered trademarks of theirrespective owners.