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Product line card 2014


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Project Sales Corp Product Line Card

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Product line card 2014

  1. 1. Our key products for drilling rigs- What we also stock- • Impact Protection Gloves from Kong, MCR, Mechanix and HexArmor® • Markal Paint Markers • Bakerlok Thread Locking Compounds • Safety Cable Whipchecks • Compactor Trash Bags • Specialty Lubrication products from Houghton, TS Moly, Bostik Never-seez®, Molykote, ASV, Lubriplate, Sweeney, etc • Bestolife/Jet-lube Dopes • Magnolia Dope Brushes • Paint Sprays cans • Tapes and Adhesives – Antiskid, duct, lane marking, etc • Cleaners and Degreasers • Spill Absorbents from SPC and PSC • Spill Decks and Pallets • Eye Wash and Lens Cleaning Stations • All kinds of sealing compounds • Barricading Tapes and Z Barrier Systems • Martin Decker W15 Oil • Hand Barrier creams • Industrial cleaning wipes • PPEs from 3M, Honeywell, MSA, Uvex, Lakeland, etc • NDT Consumables • Cromwell Hand Tools • Laced Safety Boots from Panther, Italy • Lockout Tagouts from Masterlock® and Brady® • Socketing Compounds • Rigging consumables • Welding blankets, triple flints and jackets • RTV Silicones from Dow Corning • Pressure recording charts • Maintenance Aerosols for all mechanical and electrical maintenance applications • Pipe repair kits • Cameron Valve Greases Project Sales Corp is registered as a vendor to Transocean, Noble, Vantage, Norscot, Nabors, Aban, Essar, etc and most support providers and oil & gas companies including Bechtel, Leighton, Helix, SLB, Halliburton, Baker Hughes, Expro, ITS, Reel Group, Vetco Grey, AFP Operations, Dolphin Drilling, Reliance, GE Oil and Gas, Siemens, Helix, Allseas, etc. Call Satish on +91-98851-49412 or drop us an email at or Know more about us and our product range at or For Kakinada call Nitin Rao on 9441494730 or mail Brands, logos, product names, trademarks are all property of their registered owners.